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Saturday, March 30, 2013

~ Happy Glorious Easter ~

"Arise my love ~ arise ... my love ~ !   The grave no longer has a hold on you!!" {song melody by the group NewSong}

~ Happy Easter ~
He is Risen!  {Indeed!}
Soli Deo Gloria

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Canvas ~ Rise N Shine ~

hello friends ~  

weird things going on in subscribing to the blog, so i've been told... these computer/google issues are something that i don't completely understand, and i do not know why some of you are not getting my blog in your feed anymore, or that it is not updating... i have tried deleting the gadgets...  feed/follow by email, etc and re-entering them. if anyone out there knows something i don't... let me know, pretty please? and thank you!

onward!  well... i have been hunkered down at work.  that means my normal 8-5 work day turns into 9-10 hours.  it also means not as much 'down' time for me at home, to relax, and unwind.  and i have to say it's not quite so easy as it once seemed ... those many, {younger} years before! 

this is why:  the jury project. processing jury qualification questionnaires.  135,000 of them.  every other year.  it sure seems to come around alot faster than it used to!   even though we 'went online' this year where folks could complete the form online... not too many people jumped at the chance.   so... here's a picture of a 'normal' day now at work, and 'the piles' as i call them.
24 years.  that's how long i've been doing jury qualification in the 27 year-long career at federal court.  it's definitely a challenge reading these {yes we do read each one} and processing the massive amount of paper, as i open each one {with a machine}, organize them, sort, read, process scan and file it all, for each of the five montana divisions of federal court

a sense of humor is a must... some days it can be quite elusive {nasty notes & nasty phone calls from the public}. regardless, we do our best to shine throughout the shadows ~ this is our job as public servants... this is what we do.  

so this year, i picked the theme song ~ from the Partridge Family show so many years ago! {tongue in cheek} Remember it?  "c'mon everybody.. there's a song that we're singing'... cmon get happppy..."  

... so there's my perfect lead-in to this piece!

and that is exactly the gift i received as i paused before entering into the building one early morning.  thank God!  {and that's precisely the point!}
help us.  help us.  help us.
thank you... thank you. thank you.  {all the day long!}

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Canvas ~ Simply Love

Hi there!

Ahhh... the sweet solitude of a weekend at home!  Made it ~ at last.  

Here's a canvas I created, begun with a piece of old paper, stenciled using Color Shine sprays, and Margaret's heart stencil {from Stencil Girl Products}
 A very fun beginning, and then I added a piece of batting to the back, and stitched it in black thread.  Because this was pretty fragile paper, it tore a little bit here and there, which I found I liked, as the thread then disappeared into the batting, and became less perfect-looking. Worn... a tiny bit distressed. {that sums up my week at work!}
 Lots of layering... trial and error... stamping, spraying... painting.
 The swirly textured wall paper was absolutely my favorite part!  Love that texture.
Finished off with a top layer of gold metallic Color Shine spray {these are from Heidi Swapp, which I purchased at Michaels Craft Store}

I ended up liking the final piece pretty well; wasn't sure I would.  And finally, I added a bit of decopauge medium to help protect the paper of the heart. And ~ it's listed for sale in my Etsy store!

Have a great  Saturday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Genuine Love ~

Good Day to you all!

I've been taking a break from sewing and computerland for a few days; feels good!  Sooooo happy for a three-day weekend, I am!  So... taking a gander at some of my photographs, I thought I would show you this little canvas...

A few months ago, we studied the Book of Romans, and it was a wonderful study.  In that study, we learned we get our English word "sincere" from the Greek word  "sinceros" ~ which means "without wax." Interesting.

Huh?  Wait! How do we get from sincere to 'without wax?'

Studying  further, we learned when potters made their pots, sometimes they cracked during the firing or curing process.  To cover up the crack, the potter would add dye to a wax that matched the pot's color, and then sell the flawed pot to an unsuspecting buyer.  When the cracked pot was used over the fire, the wax melted, the pot would leak, and of course, it was worthless.  That is why, in the letters to the Romans, Paul is instructing those new Christians - "be sure that your love is sincere... genuine... unobstructed... pure and whole!"

In other words - let your love be 'without wax.'  This was terminology the people of that time knew well, and a great visual for them in understanding what Paul meant. 

The particular verse in Romans Ch. 12:8 says  "let love be sincere" or "let love be genuine."   No cracks ~ no dyes ~ no false love!  Hmmm. 
 It is with this verse in mind, that I created this mixed media canvas to reflect my artistic interpretation of that verse.
 I understand better. {still learning!}  And this verse has fresh, new meaning as it comes alive to me knowing more about how it was spoken.  And... to live it out.

Ahhh ~ Genuine Love.  

The kind that is rock solid. Vibrant, and joyful.  A love worth giving.  No cracks.
The kind that is based upon the rock that is our archedos - greek for "anchor"  {another word I learned in Hebrews} and for Jesus.
I used crackle effect paint on this piece, not simply just for artsy texture, but for added meaning in the significance of this verse.
So... what does genuine love look like?  It looks like this to me, at least in part.

In the middle of the night... when the couple across the street are in a hateful argument that keeps me from sleeping, I get to pray for them... in love.  Not because I want to sleep {which of course I do} but because this is an example of the love Jesus showed us.

What about the guy speeding through the school zone ahead of me, cutting off traffic... he {or she} needs our prayers, not my arrogant, hurtling thoughts & insults, or how about this one:  "where is a cop when you need one?"  Been there.  Done that.  Yes I have.

We need the love of Jesus when we are at our worst, not at our best.  His love isn't for just the 'feel good' times ~ it's rock-solid ~ for ALL TIMES and ALL people in our life.  In the middle of the night... or busy, rushed mornings, to the high noon of the day.  

If there are people falling through the cracks of my love... then what {and who's} love am I relying on?  The answer: My own.  Ahhhh... cracks abound. I'm barely good enough on my best day... but Christ is solid, rock-steady, and overflowing, every day, all day, 24/7. 

This study revealed to me that our human love can be just like that cracked pot.  "putting on a happy face" or being in a "good mood" doesn't really cut the mustard.  It's not authentic, or true...  it's superficial and false-looking; it may look good on the outside, but it won't hold water and it can't take the heat on the toughest days... but Christ's love... never fails!

Be genuine!  Let's not let our love look like a cheap, cracked pot. 

I looking forward to the encouragement {and love} I see on the In the Studio link up with Jennifer today on STUDIO JRU.  It's a loving, and encouraging group.  Won't you consider it?  Come on ~ jump in and link up!  You will be so welcome.  

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree ~ Mixed Media Canvas

O Christmas Tree ~ 

I made this canvas a couple months ago, preparing for my November Art Show in my hometown, Chester, MT. 
I was inspired to make this tree piece, sparked by some white stretch-knit, lacey fabric I've had for awhile.  I bought it to make scarves from it, and of course, had some fabric leftover.  I started this piece by cutting it into 1-2 inch strips, and then further cutting it into little squares.
I layered the little pieces of fabric into the shape of a tree, and then sprayed it with my Dylusions spray inks in green, turquoise, and a dab of golden yellow here and there.  I also added a red bead-like trim which I snipped from one of my Christmas arrangements. {it will never be missed}!
The snowflakes, made out of chipboard, were painted white, and of course, I glittered them, as well! They got caught in a bit of the overspray of the blue color; unplanned - totally love the effect!

And while I was pinching some of the red beads from the flower arrangement, I also stole some sprays of red berries too.  
I used my snowflake stencil {the same one I use for my painstik applications, from Cedar Canyon Textiles}, and added white acrylic paint to modeling paste, and swiped it through the stencil. It's a fun touch at the  bottom of the tree trunk, too. I love playing with this kind of stuff!

Scrapbooking papers were also part of the background, and then the usual stamping, doodling, and layering with my black pen, stamps, etc. 

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  I'm starting to mail out cards... but have not done any baking yet.  Soon {I hope!}

Merry Christmas = JOY {every day!}

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rise n' Shine ~

What a wonderful weekend!  I got a few things done; we made a delicious prime rib roast for our Saturday dinner, I finished my inventory list for the art show, and packed it all up.  Whew.  And gained an hour - thank goodness!  And woke up to a beautiful morning Sunday. How I love mornings!
 And I dearly love beautiful morning light, too.  This is the scene as I left Great Falls early yesterday, looking toward the Highwood Mountains in the far distant eastern sky.  It had been windy all night long, yet, much to my delight, it was quiet stillness, and a warm, peaceful morning as I headed north ninety miles, to my hometown of Chester, MT. 

 I am so, so, very honored to be invited here, and to participate in this show with my friend, mentor, and sweet artist heart, Katie Twedt!  We spent much of the day together, talking, and hanging quilts and canvases for the November Art Show "Color Connections" which will hang through the month at Liberty Village Arts Center.
 This is my first butterfly art-of-any-kind.

 I decided to take a short break, along a short country road, to an abandoned building, off the highway where I could have some privacy and take some photographs.  I shot this canvas too... which is based on a favorite song it is also named after.  "Rise and Shine!  And give God the Glory, Glory... Rise and Shine...  children of the Lord!"
 So let it be written.... SO LET IT BE DONE!

I have much to share, and I'm excited about all of it!  I've been working hard, and so I hope you will come back for Tuesday's post which will be the first of a couple of giveaways I've got in the works!  I have {finally} edited the pictures of my free motion quilting with the new Grip & Stitch discs, and I'm eager to GIVE ONE SET AWAY, and let you know what I think about this Clever Craft Tool!  


Friday, October 26, 2012

Love One Another ~

Hi there!  Happy Friday!  

Well... here is the last of the mixed media pieces I've made this summer and fall.

One of the things that is so fun for me, is to play with the layering effects... it's such a fun surprise to see  colors and myriad textures that can be achieved.  I'm especially addicted fond of the process of peeling off the sticky letters... to reveal the excitement of the colors and textures underneath.  It's like finding a treasure chest!

Lower left, in the lime green... tar gel!  I love this medium. I added a bit of lime green paint to it, then scraped it through a stencil.

It's been fun to discover new techniques in my online class from Christy Tomlinson, and to contemplate how I can translate them into the fabric world of my imagination!   

This piece is quite large; 11"x16," I believe. It's also a 2-inch deep-edge canvas, which I think makes these pieces special; easy to hang, or stand up on a table, or wherever you like. This one is going to Chester for the November Art Show entitled "Expressive Color" which I am so blessed and excited to share in conjunction with my high school teacher, Katie Twedt!  It will be offered for sale, as well as "Choose to Shine." 

Here's the art supply list: Acrylic paint. Tar Gel. Sticky-back letters. Stencils. Glitter. Liquid Pearls dimensional and pearly, paint. Black Pen.  Paper.  Stamps.  Punchinella. Rubons.  

So... sharing with STUDIO JRU link-up party!  I love this party - it encourages me... more!  Jennifer has a beautiful story she's been sharing... and I almost forgot - some awesome young women on fellowship fridays!
 ~Be blessed~
 Encourage one another. 
Pray for one another.
LOVE one another, as yourself. 

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