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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?
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Monday, June 30, 2014

from my sketchbook ~ a wise woman

hi everyone ~

have you tried to squeeze too much "to-do" into "too-little" time?  and then perhaps found you created {more} drama when things didn't go according to your time line?

the time God has given us is so very precious.  i pray i {and we} will treat it as the precious gift it is, each moment. 

soli deo gloria!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

my first creative girl ~

hi there ~

as i've mentioned in an earlier post, recently, i had the opportunity to take a class from danielle donaldson. the class {through the jeanne oliver website, is called "the land of light and shadows."  

this "creative girl" project was one of the pieces she showcased for us to express in our own interpretation, so here is my first "girl sketch" {ever!}

note sure if this popular, ever-evolving "creative girl" is something i will play with further... but it was a fascinating project, and so very fun to explore!
{loved making those larger-than-life rosy pink cheeks}
she's supposed to have a "cape" ... but that didn't quite look as ethreal as i had hoped...
and later, i added "eyes" ... but i liked her better without.  that's the beauty of exploration.  finding out what you like {and what you don't!}
quite, and entirely whimsical, that's for sure!!
and have a sweet, sweet {and creative} day this day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

eucharisteo life ~ expressed in a watercolor sketch

hi friends ~

i recently took a springtime class "saturday mornings" from the demure, charming, and very creative artist, junelle jacobsen.   this sketch was something she developed in acrylic paint, but i was more in the mood for the lightness of watercolor.  

and it's a new favorite because of the beauty of discovering this word, through the book, "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp. i'm reading it through on my second time around. some things are just that good.



"one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp

~ eucharisteo ~
a full life of thanksgiving, grace and joy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the sparrow ~ from my sketchbook

hi there ~

looking forward to seeing the spring sparrows... and while they haven't quite made an appearance in our yard yet... they surely have made an appearance in my sketchbook!

{thank goodness!}

and while i'm at it...

every sparrow needs a little bit of glamor, right?  let's just call it ... frost!

yes!  i know so, too!

sweet spring... sweet spring ~ not to worry, 
for we are ready for you to spring into action!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

walking the line{s} ~

hello lovelies ~ 

i think i've finally begun to realize i don't always enjoy "coloring within the lines" ... and in saying that, i also recognize that it was one of those 'under the radar' suggestions that became "the rule" i remember growing up with from early childhood when our main art tools were coloring books and crayons.

it's time to break some of those barriers, and as i've said before here on the blog ~  just because i can! after all this is art.  this is freedom.  it's not like i'm breaking any laws!  

so i continue to "go out... and see what i can see!"

from my large, moleskine 8.5" x 12" journal...  a study {of sorts} ~ in contemporary feather play with watercolors, specifically, the twinkling h20's.

what is it i learn? 

sometimes ~ lines are merely suggestions. 
sometimes ~ lines are fun.  
sometimes ~ it's fun to draw them
other times ~ it's fun to let them draw me in.
sometimes ~ it's fun to just ignore them 

this is art!  there's lots of choices, but none of them...

have. to. box. me. in.

this may make sense {or not} to some of you, whether you quilt, draw, paint, or love art. but this much i know.  it's an exploration of the learning process that i find fresh, fun, and fascinating.  

and i think this little watercolor "feather" study will be fascinating to look back upon, as i ponder how i may want to turn it into thread play...

can't wait to get started on another exploration!  


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

from my sketchbook ~ pure in heart

hi friends ~ it's a beautifully simple message.  perfectly on the mark for valentine's week.

full of hope. 

full of promise.

and it's {always} a matter of the heart.

because... that's where it truly must begin.

thank God... we can do just that when we put our heart in His hands.
{thankful for that miracle}
soli deo gloria ~

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

sketchbook ~ livin' on a prayer

hey friends ~

here's a bit of a sketch and a prayer. 
or a prayer and a sketch.

i like that.

or... {if you need further inspiration, you can rock out to bon jovi's song "livin' on a prayer!"} lol

in my recent memory ~ albeit 'sketchy' {forgive the pun?}... i recently saw a geranium somewhere... maybe it was from a stamp in a catalog... regardless, the image stayed with me, and this is what i ended up with:

it's one of my favorite sketches.  and i'm finding that when think about it, and break it down to simple shapes... guess what? it's pretty simple!  

the geranium was sketched out, with pencil, very, very lightly. i began by drawing a very basic, large round shape, added a stem,  & leaves... and then filled in that round "ball" shape with mini flowers and other small petal shapes.  you may notice that some are even heart-shaped, and some are just round circles.  

i began with a light pink wash in places, and then added medium pink, and a bright green, highlighted with black pen and the signo white pen... and just a touch! {of the gelly roll glitter pens!}  the last thing was to apply a light blue wash around the perimeter, and let it dry.  i wrote the prayer, which is accomplished with the uni-ball signo pen.  you can't really see it... but i like that. 

simply yours ~

Sunday, January 26, 2014

mixed media flower ~ winter's daisy

hi ~

this is a mixed media-styled watercolor piece, created in my large scale, moleskine watercolor journal.  it's size is 8.5" x 12" {and i love playing in this larger venue}

this is the photo story, of how the piece progressed {the best i can recall, that is!}

the first photo below shows the initial color, using sennelier watercolors, and then my first pass at glitter and micro beads.
 and then i added black doodling, even writing in the outside edges, as well as defining areas of the petals better.  and detailed application of microbeads, in varying colors for the center, which make it visually more interesting.  and finally, lime green and black to further differentiate the pod.  that's really my favorite part of the entire piece, and helped to become more interesting visually.

i apply microbeads with glitter glue.  i also used a fine-tip, which certainly aids in placement.  and what also aids... is being patient to wait for the glues and watercolors dry.  

at this juncture i added "blops" {as i call them} of white acrylic paint through a stencil {this one is "crackle" by seth apter, from stencil girl products} with fairly small openings. {lower left corner in the photo below}

i added random droplets of watercolor, but this time, mixed with twinkling h20's, in navy blue. they will have a bit of shine when they are dry.

 and more glitter... but mixed up with clear microbeads, and this was lightly placed in the outer corners of the piece. 
 ... deepening the blues and greens, below with twinkling h20's:

 and at this point, {below} i felt it needed more dimension and depth in the flower petals...
i attempted this by applying it with my sakura 'glaze' pens, adding to the petals, and into the center. i used a warm golden yellow, and a purple-blue in the outward parts. because these pens are a clear, yet raised type of glaze-ink, they not only add transparency, and vibrant color, but depth as well. 

i also added white doodles with a pen that has white ink ~ this is the uni-ball signo pen. {i purchased mine on amazon} and so far, it's the best kind. i have certainly bought several other brands that were completely, and utterly worthless.
{and why not a few more microbeads in the corners}

 this photo shows the sakura glaze pens, and the writing i added:

my favorite part is the center.
and a few more marks with pen... and i think it's time to say "enough!" {at least in my book}  i worked played on this piece almost every evening over the past couple weeks, sitting in front of the fireplace with brian and the dogs! 

it was a very enjoyable discovery, and i look forward to more!

soli deo gloria

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