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Monday, August 11, 2014

a little shopping on vacation ~

hi there ~

there is only one sweet little quilting shop in the resort of polson, mt, and we go there at least once {or twice} while we girls are on vacation.  especially on the cooler, cloudy days, or earlier in the mornings.  the store is "all in stitches" {and yes we were ... and are!}

i thought i would show you some of purchases.  i'm excited to explore a new flying geese book by eleanor burns:
 cute monkey minkee fabric for a niece's baby gift.  {say monkey minkee three times?!!}
and i bought set of four matching flying geese rulers that go with the new book {i'm excited to try this technique}.  
and a cute bag pattern. it's been around for awhile, but now i'm retired, i'm more interested in making them. atkinson designs patterns are well-written, and these bags look really are the perfect launchpad to experiment with my stash of embellishments:
 and what a great selection of  perfect-colored zippers the shop had available to use for those bags, {$1.25 ea}, which was a good price as i've seen them in joanns for far more.  

this package of coordinating fabric in bali pops will also be a good fit for making the bags a quicker project. 
and this cute little cupcake of a variety of labels, from the store's clearance section at 50% off:
 seriously... i'm not sure i "needed" these... but at half off, i thought they may come in handy for future {and besides, they were cute!}  anything tiny... is always cute, no?

and i splurged on some beautiful new wool yarn for couching! i don't know when or where i might be using it.. but i'm going to love it when it happens!  the name of it is "northern lights" and i can so identify with those colors.  mountain colors is a montana company, and they make beautiful hand-dyed yarns of all sorts of weights, types, and styles.  all of it is hand dyed, and oh-so-pretty!

aren't those fun little purchases?  i love coming home with a little stash of inspiration!  it's been fun making the pouches, and perhaps it might turn into a class, too?  

i'll be posting about my zippy trippy bag adventures, and show the couple i've made, as well as post on some hints and tips for putting these little gems together!

thanks for stopping in, and happy monday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sunshine! (And Couching!)

Wahoo! The sun is, and has been shining strong and bright on the first day of spring!  And... bonus! It's been above 70 degrees!  Another Wahoo!

What better time to feature (in more detail) a table runner I have titled "Sunshine and Satin."  It was a lot of fun to do, because I got to do three major techniques I really enjoy, employing my love of color. Free Motion Couching.  Free Motion bobbin play, and just fun free motion thread play in general!  Every last stitch on this piece is free motion, and there are at least five different thread choices, and many multiple quilting motifs, too.

And if you would like to learn more, I hope you will go to the BLOG for THREE CREATIVE STUDIOS and see my detailed post there tomorrow as Guest Artist for the Technique of the Month: Free Motion Couching.  

It will begin with the free motion couching foot --- the Bernina Foot #43.  Update 6/22/11: See it HERE at Three Creative Studios!

In that post, I have also set out my 'how-to's' for free motion couching! 

It was delightful to quilt on this luxurious cotton sateen fabric. Love how the quilting adds little poofs of dimension and shine!

And the free motion couching adds not only more color, but a texture that I personally find creative and attractive.

I like to try to attempt 'the unexpected' in my quilting and design process.  

The variegated yarn I've used in my free motion couching foot (foot #43 from Bernina) is a wool, beautifully hand-dyed from Mountain Colors Yarn Company in Montana.

And I have also used a smaller, and a bit more delicate, hand-dyed yarn, from Artfabrik, made by Laura Wasilowski; Queen of the Chicago School of Fusing.   Such pretty colors! This is a slightly thicker thread, meant for hand stitching or bobbin work... and since it doesn't 'fill up' the hole in the center of the #43 foot, I let it have it's 'wiggle room' and it ends up being a wavy presence on the edge that I like alot.  Enjoy those happy, and unexpected results!

I decided to add a touch of country to the satin... so on went the crochet trim -- free motion applied, of course.  More couching on the edge of the trim... just for FUN ... and because... I CAN!
Don't stop there! I also free motion couched around the outside edges right next to the binding. I like how it adds a framed look to many of my pieces.

Here's to hoping you will want to try your hand at embellishing, and find your very own... free motion couching style!

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