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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"NPIP" New Projects In Progress!

Honestly, this is the best title I could come up with... don't hold it against me!  But here are pictures of things I've been playing with lately. Of course, it includes free motion couching. 
 If you haven't headed over to the BLOG at Three Creative Studios, I hope you will! Please check out my guest post if you have a minute or so!  It's such a wonderful site in itself, even if you aren't interested in free motion anything!  Great inspiration in every click of the mouse!!! Oh yeah, FYI, there will be three prizes; one is pictured below.
On a rabbit trail in my studio to 'find things' - this little table topper appeared.  Nice surprise, eh?   I had pieced it a year ago, and the center print just didn't inspire to be quilted, so with my newly found fascination with sheer organza, I'm ready to 'goforit' now I think... I like it so far. We shall see.

And a beautiful fabric I found in a shop while we were on our 'girls weekend' last weekend.  (don't remember the name of it, but if you ask me, I'll go look it up; I still have more of it with the maker on it.)  And I had the perfect color of batik pink that I am very happy with.  LOVE the writing on this piece.  And after an hour or more of playing with these feathers and their placement, I finally found what appeals, and so it's onward and upward, as they are fused on now,  permanently. Where it goes from here... not sure yet.  But I am thinking trapunto, and bobbin play.

I hope you'll come back.  I'll be posting some tips about sewing and playing with organza.  And before I forget, here is a detail of one of the three prizes offered at Three Creative Studios.  Bobbin play embellished, free motioned couched on washed lime green silk.  A table topper, and two mini table/accent pieces. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pot Luck AppliqueThreadplay!

This has been my 'learning curve' (pun intended!) ... my project for the weekend applying a potluck of applique sewing techniques. 
All of a sudden, (Saturday night) I had a big issue with skipped stitches.  I tried everything I could think of; have known to do without much success.  My husband then just happened to remark to me that a storage door was sticking... and I quickly responded "it's swelling from all the moisture in the air." Then...  it dawned on me, (duh!) what was wrong.  My threads are swelling, just like the door.  Humidity.  Rain... rain... rain.  We've had so much rain and flooding! More... on the way.  Sigh.

So I instantly switched to a bigger needle; a size 100 topstitch needle, and problem solved. (Relief flooded me!)

Learning the intricacies of playing with sheer fabrics has been a fun challenge!  And, I was very happy to find those types of fabrics 60% off at JoAnn Fabrics, Saturday morning.  The lady cutting my fabric was quite intrigued with me buying half yards of six different colors. I answered her it was for free motion quilting and applique with freezer paper. She was perplexed, and asked me to come back and show my finished project!
I had a few 'flops' (ugh) and I need more practice, but I'm finally getting the swing of it a bit more.  I think I'm gonna like using that flimsy organza stuff!  It's so pretty... and ethreal.  Here's a little sample I finished:

I'm playing with ideas for patterns, projects and inspiration which will be the focus of a weekend workshop I plan to teach this fall. 

So fun! Much simpler than you may imagine. No fusible web involved!  The freezer paper templates were a breeze to work with.
 The one above is my own design; it's not quite finished yet, but close. The source of this little project?  It's Libby Lehman's "A Day of Threadplay" video.  

If you've never had the opportunity to be a student in Libby Lehman's classes, jump on it! But in the meantime, her video is well worth it if you think you might like this type of project.
 I enjoyed her techniques, and saw more than a couple good tips  that I will put to excellent use!
What do you think?  Is this little project something you would be interested enough to try?  

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