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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paper Rock Scissors ~ Etc!

Hey there ~ What's Up ~ Buttercups~! 
Crossing the Marias River, 20 miles south of Chester ~

We've had a super fun weekend, traveling to up north to visit my Mom at Wheat Country Assisted Living where she lives.  We had a wonderful meal, musical entertainment, Santa,  & a sweet time at their Annual Christmas Party!  The weather was frightful... but the fire is absolutely delightful!  
Bob Antonich plays the accordian and lots of lovely polka music {Sam and I danced, even!}
they really know how to entertain, don't they?  (Sam and Adam)
And we took in a ball game, where my sweet niece Abbie, played.  A good time, for sure!

Abbie workin' hard! {Valier Panther's #22!}
and some of Abbie's fan club:
Three of my favorite people:  son Adam, Nieces Sam and Katie (Abbie's older sisters)
Yes, paper, fabric, scissors and more; the faux etched glass votive counts as my rock!  Here's a sampling of some of my latest Christmas Creations:

A sweet little mug rug, quilted in a rosey shape...
These are 'flat' styled red wool ornaments, layered with knitted lacey fabric, book paper and another fabric heart, and silver metallic heart on top... all of which were buffed with some silver paint, too.
Just like I do with my postcards, I added cardstock paper to the backs, for stability.
and some wooly heart ornaments have been stuffed with batting and stitched together.  I stitched the top two layers onto the front heart, and then layered with a back piece, stitched part-way, and then stuffed it, and closed the opening with more stitching, added a button and a ribbon.  What a wonderful beginner sewing project for a youngster who has interest in sewing, but this doesn't really take more than 30 minutes or a bit longer:

And this is easy, too.  Drawing shapes on paper...drawings from children of any age, cut into shapes, and glued together... {I drew this one} but this is truly a simple shape... anyone can do this I am sure:
And I'm just watercoloring on the book paper, sometimes adding gesso... sometimes not.  Then black sharpie, and white sharpie accents... but the kid's crayon drawings would be perfect, too!

These are just cut out with the scissors after drying, and hot-glued together (use the low temp on this project); leave an opening, stuff a little fiberfil in them, and add a button and a satin ribbon hanger, also with the glue gun.  These are super cute sewn... but I ruined four needles as the glue gummed it up real bad.  So they no longer get that treatment.  You would just have to be more careful with placing the glue, and leave yourself enough border space so you could sew without hitting any of the glue.

I've enjoyed cutting them into lots of different shapes, and stuffing them with a little bit of batting for dimension and poofyness.

 I give credit to Alisa Burke who featured this in her online class "Create Daily {for 30 days}.  Some aren't my cup of tea, but they truly are very creative, and I have had lots of fun experimenting, especially with things I already have on hand.  Gotta love that!


Happy Christmas Crafting, Sewing or Cutting!  It's just going by so fast, now, isn't it?
Georgia and Brian enjoying their Sunday Naptime together!

Hope you have a great week ~ and EnJOY! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Les is More ~ Thead Spools!

How lovely these decorated spools are...

The "Les is More" option, if you will.  

That is, if you would be so kind as to laugh at my bad pun!

Once again, here's a beautiful option for decorating thread spools.

Courtesy of Amy Barickman, as I subscribe to her newsletter and posts...

Of course, decorated thread spools are definitely in the category of  'what is old is new again'.  

If you'd like, click here to see Amy's post about these little vintage darlings, and ... more!
I love the texture and contrast of the jewels on the wrapped crochet-type base.  Reminds me of The Donny and Marie Show -- you know --- they used to say:  'she's a little bit country, and he's a little bit rock n roll!'  LOL.

And then, buttons to finish it off, especially the two buttons doubled up at the top.  When more is... well, more!  And Very, Very Cool.  (And I was country when country wasn't cool --- that from The Barbara Mandrell Show) .  

Yes, I date myself.  

Quite often.  

It's one of the advantages of growing older.


(L=Les  and M=more (or McNeil) take your pick!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Today I went to a Christmas ornament making party!  It was alot of fun, and we also had a most yummy Christmas cookie exchange!  
 Here's a bit of a glance of our 'works in progress!'
 Glitter.  All kinds!
Beautiful ribbons, beads and tissue papers... and more.

We made ornaments from little cardboard houses, yarn cones, and styrofoam shapes.  That good ol standby, Mod Podge decopodge was our base.

 Fabric strips, cheesecloth, paper towels...
Glitter fabric, too.  Anything goes.
 I love text!

 Thank you Karla for being such a gracious hostess, organizing, and let us come together in your beautiful home!  What a treat! You brought us together for a fun afternoon of laughter, good food and a companionship. 
Karla, our Hostess!
 It will be a few days before I can get all the glue out of my fingernails, I think!

Ahh... too soon, the afternoon is done.  Another week is here... and Christmas but two weeks away!

This is my sweet girlfriend Annette's tree cone... cheesecloth and tulle, and beads!  LOVELY.
 EnJOY your time together!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuffed Ornaments

Basic.  And... very simple. 

And simply hand made! 

Christmas ornaments!
I love the handmade look!  

I began with a circle, which I traced from my miniature handy-dandy color-wheel which is always within reach of my cutting and sewing worktable, next to my machine.  Of course, you can choose any circle shape you want.  A cup, or a very small plate for instance.

I then placed a piece of batting under one side of the fabric circle, and added a piece of loosely-cut fabric (and an extra piece for color and interest), in the shape of a rectangle, on top of the fabric circle, making sure it fit within the confines of the circle shape, and quilted it with a single word:  LOVE.   and SHINE. 
But what about a child's name, loved one, or friend, or any other JOYFUL description based words you might  think of!?   Hmmm... 'words for thought' I think! 

I also went around the 'word frame'  with a loosey-sketchy frame of stitching, just to add a bit of emphasis and accent. You're probably tired of me saying so, but I used King Tut 40 wt thread, as it has more presence, (and I love it!).  And I also added stars in the first picture, using GLITTER in silver. (Yay!)

Then add your backing fabric. I used the same print as the front. Then I stitched the perimeter of the circle pieces together, using a very 'rough' zig zag stitch --- just like they say on the food cooking shows (which I love to watch!) --- 'give it a rough chop'  --- well, that's what I did with the zig zag stitch! 

Now stuff it with some loose fiberfill -- the amount depends on your personal preference for 'stuffiness' shall we say?!!!  Of course, leave an opening in the top and use your glue stick to establish a place for the ribbon or hanger before you close it up.  You could add this at the last minute if you forget... it has a countryside touch, don't ya know!

And stitch it again, securing the opening closed.  Keep it simple, and keep it fun!  

And think about other shapes as well.  Instead of a rectangle on the front of the ornament, what about a heart shape? I bet... you can think of LOTS more variances... all of them simply handmade, and charmingly, SIMPLE!

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