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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a sweet finish to my poppy art quilt ~

hi there ~

if you read yesterday's post...  you'll also know this is a class i'm looking forward to teaching in november 8m 10-4 pm at timeless quilts and friends sewing center in missoula, montana.  

so here we go with the rest of the "poppy" story, and how i finished it with a bit of thread play, free motion wordplay, and a sweet little binding finish.
tip:  don't over press the angelina fibers... they have a tendency to darken, and change colors.  it may be what you like... but then again... maybe not!

keep the thread play simple.  i wanted the poppy to be the star of the show, of course, but i also wanted to highlight it.  i chose thread colors that were darker, and lighter in the same color family as red/orange/pink.  then, i added black and white for sparkle and depth!

i chose not to quilt the background.  i spent all that time making this gorgeous patterned background, and i wanted it to just "be" ... and i love the result!

the addition of words was just a playful touch.  it would have been fine without too...
and a curvy bottom edge in a artistic shape, and finished with a lovely yarn, accomplished via free motion couching {bernina foot #43}.

a bit of turquoise "flourish" to add pop to this sweet little poppy art quilt!  

enJoy the blessings of the day ~

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

poppy art quilt ~

good morning all ~

lately, i've been working fervently on class samples, this time for  timeless quilts from missoula, montana, as i've been asked to teach an art quilt class this early november, where we will be focusing on bobbin play, and i'm very excited to about it! how fun!
 any art quilt... well, my favorite kind of art quilt, begins with apiece of hand dyed fabric {this beauty is called the navajo gradient} from vicki welsh!!!  yay!  and a lovely, so very elegant stencil by rebeccabaer.com.  beautiful-beautiful!
 and i'm customizing it!  just look at these possiblities, with a stencil and paintstiks... grape and watermelon.  yummy.  this is not a quick process... a bit messy, and lots of scrubbing action with a stencil brush... but the results?  priceless!!  lol
 and a pretty spectacular background calls for a spectacular motif.  a large-scale print of a poppy.  {forgot to get a picture of the whole fabric}... slightly cut up, rearranged, and embellished, of course.  here's a shot of my auditioning:

 and now for the finishing touches... free motion quilting, of course. my favorite thing to do.
if you're living in montana {or want to travel there lol!}, this class is happening on saturday, november 8th, at timeless quilts and friends on reserve street, 10-4pm. {406-542-6566} we're going to explore lots of embellishment, bobbin play, and couching to create your own one-of-a-kind styled art quilt.

it's gonna be a good time!!

soli deo gloria!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cross My Heart

This is another piece of embellished fabric from my ever-ongoing 'to-do' list, done as a demonstration for a Paintstik Class I taught over a year ago. See more about Paintstiks - click here)  I used three colors of paintstiks;  periwinkle blue, copper and silver metallics. I applied a bit of subtle texture with the copper and silver metallic colors, using a small vegetable bag made out of plastic mesh.  It made the small teeny tiny dots of copper color.  With the silver, I just drew on some big, loopy swirls, and with the purple-blue color, I drew simple free style lines all over this 'blank canvas' of fabric. 
Since my foiling supplies were still handy - hanging out on the table, (cuz I hadn't put them away)... they got added into the mix!
I cut two larger crosses from this fabric.  These are about 5" x 8" as compared to my  mini-bookmark crosses, sized at about 3.5" x 4.5" or so from my paper-fabric. (seen below)

I really love this deep pink and golden rusty-orange-pink tones, and I think it looks good with the copper accents, too.
After the fabric is cured, I added batting and backing fabric, as well as some of the  heavy duty tear away stabilizer. I quilted it, using Rainbows thread; a polyester variegated pink from Superior Threads. When the quilting was finished, I drew my shapes onto the backside of the backing fabric, and cut them out.
For sale in my Etsy shop!
Time to apply the cardstock. It's the cardstock that really gives these pieces a firmness; a stability I personally prefer in the finished product, which also enables these pieces to hang quite nicely as well.  First, I apply glue to the cardstock, using a UHU glue stick. Then I place the cross-shaped fabric onto the sheet of cardstock, and cut it out again. I finish the edges with a zig zag stitch in matching thread, which holds all the layers together. VIP TIP: I tried stitching it first, without cutting out the shape, and it's real difficult to do that after stitching, and not cut your threads!  
 For finishing, and to make the piece so it can be hung on a nail, I cut a small piece of ribbon, placed it in the middle, and finished with a remnant of fabric in the shape of small heart to cover up the glue. (above)
The best needle is a 90/14 topstitch - titanium if you have it.  If not, then a 90/14 microtex or metallic needle will work very well, too. This needle will even pierce through the glue substance that is the base for the foil.  That's what a good, sharp needle will do - pierce cleanly, through all four layers;  fabrics, batting and heavy paper.
Also, it's very important to replace the needle often in these circumstances.  Paper (and dried glue) will dull a needle, very, very, quickly.  Want to know more about needles, tensions and threads?  See my "The Thread Tango" post here!
And what to do with the leftovers after cutting out the two crosses?  Hearts, hearts... hearts.  I'm a tad tired of hearts ~ at least for awhile, anyway!  And zig zag stitching, too.  But -- I am so glad to have them in my "Ta-Dah-Done" pile!

If you'd like to see more about how I make these zig zagged edges, visit my postcard zig zag tutorial ~~~ here!

Thanks for checkin' it all out!
Linking  to  Dear Lillie Blog today, too! Fun! Go see!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Oh gosh, I had hours and hours of delight designing this quilt, painting the leaves, fusing and adding trapunto to the leaves... and quilting metallic, swirly whirly lines of wind sweeping among the fall leaves floating through the air in my front window from my Antique Crab Apple Tree!  I designed this pattern, after using a stamp to initially "rub" the leaf images using Paintstiks.  Come!  Join me in he Paintstik class at the QUILT-A-WAY on February 5th and  February 8th.  These are two separate classes, one in the evening and one in the daytime.  See my BLOG entry on CLASSES I'm offering here!

This piece is for SALE at GALLERY 16 in Great Falls, Montana.

 I absolutely adore Paintstiks!  Such a fun paint medium to play with.  It's so easy to blend and create your own colorways and creative design.  If you haven't tried them... check it out!  Paintstiks should be available at your favorite quilt store, and if not, ask them to stock them!  You can also find them here and here.  Laura Murray, a designer who has created many treasures, and she has  fabulous site in which you will be greatly inspired! (The first link).  The second link is Quilting Arts.

Lots and lots of free motion stitching applique style around the edges of these leaves... oh how fun it was!

I started with  King Tut in the variegated cotton... and Glitter thread in blue hologram for the "wind."  Oh yes... and don't forget the silver metallic... Yenmet is my Go-to Gal for "gettin' er' done' the fun way!  You can get Yenmet metallic threads at any quilt store, but if not, ask them!  It's simply one of the BEST metallic threads out there.

See my thread info-tutorial blog "TNT: Thread, Needles and Tension"  December 28, 2010
for more information and how-to's regarding threadplay and needles!

The paintstik class will explore color blending, rubbings, using materials from around your home to add texture, mica pigments for polish and shine... and some good resource information in hand outs I've worked up for all my students!

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