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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pin It ~ GiveAway!

GiveAway #1:  A square pin; 'merlot' colored, velvet is gorgeous, with a silver highlight~ embossed with a snowflake stamp ~ free motion quilting on the snowflake, with a little silver bead washer, and then to finish: fibers twisted around the edge, and free motion zig zag, adding in a bit more bling, and a pin to the back. 

GiveAway #2: Round fiber pin with red organza flower on black sateen, which has been embellished with free motion stitching with colorful threads, and angelina, finished with a red-pink fiber trim, and a pin on the back.
If you like either of these, just leave a comment to be in the drawing!  {or perhaps it could be a Christmas gift...}
Soli Deo Gloria!
EnJOY your day ~ I gotta get to sewing!
In His Hands,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

WINNERS ~ Grip n' Stitch n' More!

Oh baby~baby ... it is very c-c-c-cold outside!  We haven't yet dug out from the 17 inches of snow we received these past couple days.... 
Wowzers.  We heard on the weather report last evening that within five miles from Great Falls, they received almost four feet.   And temps to go with it; we're 12 degrees F this morning... and the wind has begun to blow.  YIKES. {even for us Montanans}  Gives new meaning to "chill out" ~let's not!
 Our girl dogs don't mind it too bad... notice  the zip line we put in for the pups is now missing the frisbee toy ~ buried in the snow!  Both Georgia and Savannah love their zip line! But today they are in front of the nice, warm fire - cozying up with each other!
  The branches below ~ perhaps another idea for a sketch, or card?
So, back to the fun of the day!  Thank you, thank you to all you dear readers.  As a blogger, it is always so much fun to host GIVEAWAYS ~  I love doing that, and well, it just wouldn't be a giveaway, much less any fun, if there was no one "out there" reading, or to receive it!  I thank you for ALL of your sweet, kind and generous comments; I so APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU! 

Winner of the Grip n' Stitch disks is Commenter #19, HollyM ~ who I know as wonderful art quilter!  Visit her blog sometime, "Through My Window!"  Congratulations Holly!  

Thank you Clever Craft Tools for giving a pair to one of my readers!  
And, on to the next GiveAway ~ Wowzers!  You guys just blew me away with your comments!  I hope they are as widely successful on the Etsy shop!  These are my newly made notecards, which come with a matching brown-paper envelope, too.  The inside of each card is blank, and smooth, for writing;  the watercolor drawing has been lightly glued to the front of the corrugated brown paper front, and finished with a glossy mod podgey type product.  And they are frameable, if you would like.  

Winner #1 of "Bloom" is Anna Pickering Ballinger of Beyond The Fence blog!
 Winner #2 of "Merry Christmas is:   Sarah, writer of "Sweet and Savory" blog.

Winner #3 of "I Choose Joy" is Julie from the Ironmom {Julie} blog.
Winner #4 is Teresa of Music City - of the "Stop-Pray" Birdie, who writes a blog I enjoy greatly,  "A Quilt and a Prayer" and she's a superb quilter too! 
And Winner #5 ~ another favorite quilter, Vicki W, who writes a wonderful blog "Field Trips in Fiber" I'm sending you Mittens ~ "Be Warm Inside and Out."
Winner #6: "Choose Joy" is coming your way... Sweet Jennifer of STUDIO JRU!  Many of you know I regularly join her "In the Studio Friday" link up party on her blog!  
Winner #7:  "Made for Real"  who just posted a recipe for  Butternut Squash Soup" on her blog {looks so so good!} ~ I am sending you the card, "Blessings" - and yes, I think that is a great idea to try my hand at a Gingerbread Man!  Thank you for the suggestion.
Thank you for the Pure Joy you ALL are.  Your sweet responses, and kind encouragement for all of my artsy endeavors is greatly appreciated, and most of all, your friendship gives me GREAT JOY!  

Winners ~ please send me your mailing addresses and I will mail everything next Tuesday.  

Blessings ABUNDANT ~ yes you ARE!   

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog Love ~ Pin It !

I'm giving away three pins today... the first two pins will be up for grabs from those who comment on today's  post. In your comment, please mention which one you like... that is, if you like what you see, as far as that goes.  This first one is the "Red Posy" pin.
It features a bit of angelina fibers (shiny and iridescent), painted fusible web, as well as pretty variegated thread and an adorable red fabric flower, on a black, square base.  Pin back is attached, adn the edges are finished with a free motion zig zag, couching-edge technique.  It's approximately 2" x 2" square. Funky and Chunky!

Next, is "Bluebird Spring" in a sweetheart shape, featuring pretty white crochet lace, bright shiny beads, with a variety of blues, and some pink tossed in for contrast and 'sweetness!'  Edge finished with couched fibers, as well.

And the third one is a pastel Spring Beauty featuring metallic threads, all kinds of spring pastel colors in ribbons, fibers and painted fusible web, topped off with a lovely abalone shell button.  This one goes to my blog friend... Miss JOCELYN from Florida, the sweet blogger behind "Happy Cottage Quilter."  Jocelyn's blog is on my blog roll, and I always enjoy her posts.  Check her site out. Thank you Jocelyn for your friendship... right from the start ~ when I first hesitantly ~ began my blogging journey in 2010!

Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful encouragement, love and support!  Who say's it's "March Madness?" (although I am a college basketball fan!) 
 It's March Love!

Blessings for a Bountiful March into Spring!
P.S. In case you don't know what "MarveLes Blog Love" is... it is simply a round-robin style of thankfulness. I keep a little journal book of names - those who want to participate (who send me their physical mailing address), and pick one each month, to whom I send them a small item in thankfulness.  The bottom line: no one gets picked twice, until all have received something - once! Hence, the round-robin style of this monthly give-a-way.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thoughts of Christmas

Thank you, thank you -- you all touched me greatly with your sweet comments on our little Aiden!  I'm still looking at his pictures... we are truly smitten--no surprise, huh?!  Hopefully the kids will come visit us soon!  And his mom said she could use some more flannel bunting type blankets... so guess what I'm going to do!  And maybe he'll need a Christmas stocking...?!

In the meantime, here are some of the smaller projects I've been playing with:
 I love to attach my beads free motion style, usually without a foot, but you can use a free motion foot, make sure your feed dogs are down, set a zig zag for the width you desire to go into the bead hole, and then to the side of the bead... and go for it!  I really use this technique alot.
 These pin's edges are couched with yarn, using a free motion zig zag, as the yarns are twisted and sew on.
 The pins feature a base of black fabric, painted with Lumiere fabric paints, embellished with angelina, beads, ribbons, free motion threadplay, and fusible web that I painted. I cut them out in various odd shapes - (some not so odd I hope).
They are about 2" in size, give or take.
 New linoleum stamps I've been carving for Christmas cards.  Is it that time already?  Well, perhaps not... but in the world of sewing... it's time to kick it into gear! 

What projects are you planning? 
EnJOY your day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Paintstik and a Pin

Paintstik Rubbings with a rubber stamp.  I like to blend with three different colors, usually. 

I quilted with King Tut 40 wt Egyptian, Extra-Long Staple Cotton (It even says so on the label) and a black polyester Isacord on the bottom.  Because I had just a little bit of white Bottom (Line 60 weight) left in my bobbin, (ok, I was lazy) I stayed with it.  Can you see it? (Hint:  it shows a bit in the last picture)
 And a perfect setting to add some beads and baubles for a little bit of fun!
 These little 2" squares have a cardstock paper backing.  I'm going to add a pin back.  A little dab of Autumn to wear!
I just wanted to make something that had a fall-autumn theme to it.  I have another idea to add these squares without the paper, to the back or front of a jacket... we'll see how that goes, and if I can get it done before...



EnJOY your day.  Thanks for stopping in!
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