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Thursday, May 19, 2011

THREAD NESTS - Embellished!

Such a simple thing to do.  Easy. And lots of fun, too. I call this embellishment technique "thread nests."
Save all those little leftover thread clippings.  I know many folks do. This is just one idea (or two!) that I personally like to use them for.  

I begin by grabbing threads out of my thread bag, and rolling them in the palm of my hand, much like you would do with clay, to make a round 'ball' of sorts. 

Add more threads if you'd like. 
Just wind them off the spool with your hands until you have what you think looks good for your little nest!  Add more threads, if you don't have enough. Particularly if you need more of one color (or more)

Just lay the little ball of threads down on your project; in this case, they are going to be my flower centers.  I could also lay some water-soluble stabilizer film on top to keep the threads trapped, but I'd have to wash it out!  Easier to just 'free motion them down' and my favorite foot to do that is the Bernina #44 foot.  

It's large, clear plastic round foot is perfect for this little embellishment assignment.  The same type of plastic foot is also available as an attachment to the BSR if you own one (Bernina Stitch Regulator), although it's a bit smaller.
My stitches look like this on the back...just keep it simple, and stitch a few times in a circle until mostly those threads are bound together!

 I free motion with a matching thread (or not!). 
It might look a bit like this when you're done. 

Then, I take the point of my scissors (and gently) 'loosen' the threads, and make them loop as suits your style. (sorry bout the  bad lighting!)
Clip them, let them be loose, fluff them, play them up as you please.
And then start thinkin' where else you can play with your little thread clippings!  Like this lovely embellished button and flower from "Play With Abandon" (click link to see more pictures and post)

And how beautiful are these beads, adorned in their little thread nest.  It looks like they were 'hatched' there!!! 
 and here on a jacket I made a long while back! I am working on a future post about that jacket...
Oh, I hope your creativity bursting with ideas by now...   What are your thoughts?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chenille Lucille!

With Blogger problems last few days, I just found that Blogger took this initially published post off, so here it is again!

Hi!  First, Lucille has nothing to do with this post.  I just liked the way it rhymed!  So this post is really about Chenille, not the fabric - the crafty stems.  I don't think anyone calls them 'pipe cleaners' anymore. 

Don't know where I saw this technique ... wish I could.   Since I'm over 50 memory is becoming more like "that dog won't hunt." Regardless, go out and get yourself some chenille stems at a craft store.  Pretty - silvery shiny ones, colored ones, iridescent ones, too.

Here's  a few minutes entertaining myself wrapping  with some interesting textural yarns.

Almost any yarn will do, I would say.  As for me, I'd try anything, anyway.  It's a great adventure!

This is how I began...
I chose the pretty silver chenille stem to start.

And then a pretty pinky mango 'flimsy' type of yarn. Easy to wrap... not so much if you want to unwrap!

It's  a bug!  A plane... No! It's a fishing lure?! Ummm... ok, maybe not.

Wrap 'em any way you want.  Build up the yarn, or spread it out. Or make a combo (see below)
Switching to a different color; this is a flat ribbon-like yarn. I sometimes like to place the end of the yarn down the stem a ways, and then begin wrapping at the top, overlapping the end.
 Twist and wrap.  Add another color on top of the first!  I also like to let some of the silver sparkly stuff show through - otherwise what's the point of buying the pretty chenille stems?!  But you can let as little or as much show.  It's your party. (No crying allowed). 

So now what do you do with them?  They would be great as stems for flowers... stems for pom poms, or yo-yo's... I bet you can think of lots of ideas.  They're easy to couch on with a zig zag stitch.

Here is one I placed on a pin.  (sorry the photo is cut off).

I also used one as a hanger on a little bit of an art quilt. I loved the 'popcorn' look of this yarn! 

It's the hanger of the little art quilt: "Play With Abandon."
I added another chenille wrapped stem at the very top too.  One of those 'frilly' furry ones.

Twist 'em, turn 'em, wrap 'em, couch 'em...  I think you get the picture.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


"Mrs. Twedt" was my art teacher when I was in high school back in the 70's!  I met her... again, thirty+ years later, quite unexpectedly...' in my next door neighbor's back yard, at a Fourth of July barbeque several summers ago. She goes by "Katie" now... and it took me awhile to get comfortable calling her only by her first name!  IT HAS BEEN such a blessing to know her as friend...a wonderful encourager, and talented artist that she is.  She then invited me to be the featured artist at our LIBERTY VILLAGE ARTS CENTER in my hometown of Chester, MT. You can buy Katie's art there... and oh, by the way, she has been featured in several national art magazines of the Somerset Studio variety with her wonderful, and full-of-color ART.
Her art play is fantabulous! The picture below shows a piece of her paper art.  I'm so fascinated with her art, I just had to find a way to incorporate it into a quilt, and (with her permission) made it the theme of this mini art quilt.

aban-don: to give (oneself) over unrestrainedly.  (verb) emphasis added!!!!
co-lor: a phenomenon of light (as red, brown, pink, or gray) or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects:  vitality, interest

How do you play? Are you abandoned? Do you forget about rules... boxes, and just let yourself GO... outside the boxes and play.  Play.  PLAY!
  This was an exercise in creative "Play with... Abandon!"  No big time planning, I didn't allow myself to "fuss" --- and quickly put together leftover 'elements' I had hanging around in my studio, like paintstik leaves, angelina, fusings from previous cut-outs, scraps of ribbon, a button, a lace flower experiment... wrapped pipe cleaners I had fun making but didn't know what to do with once I had them done...   No pre-plan, so itinerary... the exploration of the unknown ... to SEE what happens... I LOVE it.  Spontaneous, unplanned, and above all, FUN. This is what I encourage all of you to think about as you sit down and work I mean play.

  tex·ture: noun \ˈteks-chər: a. something composed of closely interwoven elements; specifically: a woven cloth b: the structure formed by the threads of a fabric ...

Liberty: the quality or state of being free: a : the power to do as one pleases b : freedom from physical restraint c : freedom from arbitrary or despotic control d : the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges e : the power of  choice ...Oh ... to be .....free!
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