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Friday, March 6, 2015

in case i forget ~ we're having a {collage} great time ~

happy friday ~

i'll be heading into the Quilt-A-Way today, with Buffalo Ben in tow.

and in case i forget to tell ya ~ i had a great time teaching last weekend. but i have to say that every day there it's much the same for me!  it's a happy day to go to work there.  now i just have to figure out good shoes!  yikes.  i'm trying out some new 'keen-brand' shoes as i walk on the very hard, slate floors.

so ~ here are a few snapshots i took from the class last weekend.  below is my friend, 'miss toni' {owner of the shop}. she was making her collage from my new "rocky" pattern.  a classy lady for sure, and i really dig her creative style!  she's also collaging a zebra onto a batik quilt that is 'pickle-dish' style in oranges and pinks... for our local quilt show in late april. i hope to show it one day, soon!  you can get a sneak peek on the Facebook feed, if you'd like, and perhaps you'd head on over their Facebook page, and "like" the Quilt-A-Way?
glorine created a very dreamy, and very elegant, rusty, cream and brown themed fox.  love!
cathy and annie had a great time cutting, and cathy chose the owl, while annie was working on a table runner.  beautiful smile, and a happy birthday girl that cathy!

and then... wow!  look at this hawaiian theme round table topper?  isn't that gorgeous?  hawaiian barkcloth, and miss wanda made two of these in the class last weekend.  spectacular!
yes, you might guess that wanda {below} is a funny girl.  here's her second piece, in her favorite autumn colors! and her new favorite scissors from karen kay buckley {medium size} for cutting shapes!  beautiful lady. {the QAW will be restocking these, fyi locals!}
shirley.  she's "acting" bored with her piece, but i think it's super cool!!  i really love how she did it with simple batik squares, and her shading is spot on!!  beautifully executed, and look at the neat batik background she placed it on:
she's working on adding more pine trees in the background:
and tara with her sweet bear!
and lest i forget the smallest one in the class... louise!  isn't she precious? she came with her mom and gramma, and was the sweetest, most awesome cooing, loving child! {we start 'em early at the QAW} lol
shannon, jamie and louise doing a "cuddle up!" for me.  {it's just like a huddle up...} only sweeter!
they were collaborating on an owl:

such a fun, bright, sweet weekend.  i so enJoy seeing what creative genius comes to the surface with this fun technique. a big thank you to this class for such a joy-filled time.  can't wait to do it again!

soli deo gloria!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Welcome in Spring! Okay.... maybe NOT just yet...blizzard conditions here in MT yesterday.  Nevertheless... the time is to sew for it is now! Soon it will be here, (truly!) and y'all will be wanting to be out in yards, gardens, and smelling that new grass!  So it's more than a couple months off here in Montana... but why not DREAM BIG?! Yeah, Baby!
And it feels good to have a small project done... set of two doncha know!

Crochet trim... 
a bit of rayon ribbon, 
silver metallic thread... 
beautiful batik fabrics...
finished quick as a bunny with fused steam a seam binding...
cut with a wave-edge rotary cutter!

Gotta have a pretty thread, too! Mine was a pretty pink pastel tri-lobal from Superior threads.

 I  sure enjoyed placing the silver metallic thread (YLI candlelight in silver) easily centered all around the outside edge!  Used that sweet little Bernina #39 Foot  See the 'how-to's in an earlier post here!
Gotta love just a bit of free motion... the flower motifs provided instant inspiration... EASY BREEZY  
free motion girls!

Notice too, just a bit more of silver metallic thread on the outside edge of the ribbon... love that little red guide on my #39 foot! Did you see the project I posted here... pick-up stix glitz?  Check it out!
For more inspiration... see the blog of Bon Bon Aelier here!  They just featured yesterday, a wonderful store in London, called "V V Rouleaux" that is amazing... a store that has ... nothing... but .... ribbons... and more ribbons, trims... embellishments.  See their blog spot here.  I want to go!
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