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Sunday, June 1, 2014

my log cabin roses ~ finished

hi everyone ~

hope you had a great weekend.  we had lots of stormy skies, lots of rain, but beautiful sunshine in between!

and in a sunshine moment, it was fun to take this log cabin rose quilt out onto the patio for a photo shoot!

this is a smaller, modified version from the original pattern, and makes a lovely tablescape all on it's very own.  full of life, color, and sparkle!

i'm still in the process of editing photos for my upcoming post on my placement technique for the bobbin quilting on this piece, but i hope you will return to see how i did this.  it's not a big secret... just a few simple tips. so come on back ya hear?!

 i decided the beautiful blues would look perfect as 'spacers'... straight from my stash of hand dyed fabrics from the talented vicki welsh!  i love the varied blues, which in my eyes, adds some movement, depth, and interest, but also doesn't overpower the flowers...and brings your eye to the roses with the navy blue centers... hopefully?

 each corner has a few words quilted, with a scripture verse:

"i have found the one my soul loves"  
{song of solomon 3:4}. 
soli deo gloria
p.s. linking up with "free motion by the river" too!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

cabin roses ~ bobbin play


you know that first glimpse of thread on a quilt?  it's rather full of suspense, and what-ifs, isn't it?  in this case, it's especially fun, because the quilting is done from the back side of the quilt, so i have to wait until i 'm done before I can turn it over to see if it looks as good as i hope it will. 

inspired by rachel's roses. it's full of color, delicious texture and sparkly goodness.

 on top of this:
bobbin play... with silver razzle dazzle thread.

i'll be showing my placement technique for bobbin play in the very near future! hopefully in the next post {or two}! 

meanwhile, i love this cabin rose pattern, which i featured in a completed quilt from the early days of my quilting. {from earlier this past january.}

can't wait to finish this one! and i'll be sure to remember to take some more pictures when i make a decision on the companion blocks, and more quilting design. 

and then... this is the thing.  i know... i just can't wait to make more of those pretty log cabin roses!  must be because the flowers in the garden are planted, and this quilt?  well, it's just like planting flowers in fabric!  yay!  but... uh oh. more on put on LIST!  :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

a fun little coiled basket ~ {or two!}

hi there!

so... i've been wanting to do this little project for quite a while now... and of course, there's a plethora of tutorials on the web, too.  i checked out a couple.  the most recent is from a favorite blogger of mine, alisa burke, and you can find it by clicking here.  bernina also has their own take on a creatively sewn coiled basket; their  tutorial  is posted on the "we all sew" website.

and now here is my creation. only i'm incorporating bobbin play in my version, using contrasting threads, too:
i love how it turned out!  and i also added an embellishment fusing a flower motif in the bottom:
and then the other one has the classic black thread, finished with a spritz of dylusions sprays:
pretty addictive... definitely fun!  
did you notice in the pic above, the tension issue?  well, it's not really an "issue" per say ~ at least not in this project... but it happened because i just didn't pay attention to what was going on, as i was so very much concentrating on the coiling. but! i love the look.  since this is the bottom of the basket, you can see that my top tension was not "strong" enough {had to add a few more players {going up in numbers}, to make the two tensions/stitches meet in the middle}.  but no worries, matey!

not bad for a newbie?!  a few knotting issues, getting started... and finishing... next time i hope to do a neater job of it.

it took the more than half of the 100 feet length of cotton clothesline i purchased at the hardware store, and believe it or not... this stuff {the cotton type} isn't so easy to come by here in my town, as i discovered, after heading to two different hardware stores...  lots of plastic types available, but i didn't want that type, as i want to be able to paint, dye, and well, do all sorts of other decorative applications.  so i've ordered some from amazon.  i checked at joann's fabric store; found similar products there, but it's $1.20 a yard, which isn't terrible, as there is 3 feet to the yard... but given i only got two small bowls from 100 feet... i need to find an inexpensive source.
it was super fun and fairly easy to do, and i look forward to sewing up some more of these little darlings!  but it will have to wait a bit more, as may is busy-busy-busy.  but i can't wait to experiment with larger bowls, shapes, colors... styles.... and threads... and... {well, you know how it is!}

i'm sure i'll be showing a few pics of my process, soon.

until then.. the beat goes on!

have a great one!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

blue bayou beginnings ~ choosing colors {and a winner}

hi there everyone ~

speaking of blues... {!} for most of the past week i've been coping with the flu + cold bug! wowzers, what a rough week. 

despite our montana wintery weather {to be expected} and chilly 15-20 degrees with a fresh couple inches of new snow... our spring will get here on it's own time, and in it's very. own. way!  but happy spring to all of you who are enjoying blossoms and green grass!!

so... this is where "blue bayou" starts. as i begin to think out thread choices and colors that will complement the gorgeous hand-dyed gradient fabric from vicki.  the beautiful, and yet-ever-so-elegant, basic curving center-drawn spine line will be the base for the feather quilting:

all of these thread colors in magnifico are wonderful choices! there is no wrong color, in my opinion.  it's more a simple challenge of just this. 

make.  a.  decision.   :)

with choices made, the beginning stitches look like this: 
a periwinkle blue purple for the initial quilting of the traditional 'heart-shaped' feather, and then the second pass is to echo with bobbin threadwork, using a bright twinkling royal blue.

and... the winner of the fabulous pin: 

as it turns out, found by the random generator to be commenter #8 ~ miss vicki welsh!  that brings a happy smile, and the perfect ending to this post.  thanks to all of you who so kindly commented, and loved this truly beautiful, amazing work of heart from katie's wonderful paper style.  i hope to have more of those to give away, once i get connected to the art gallery in my hometown chester for more of her delightful treasures!  so fun to give away ~

bless you all ~

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas feathers ~

merry christmas ~ we're so thankful for tidings of comfort and joy.  thank you for yours, too.

God bless your Christmas and all your days to come.

in His Amazing Love and Peace,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ponderosa pine ~ quilted

hi there ~  it's more feathers!

this time a new hand-dyed fabric in my studio, dyed by vicki welsh ~ she calls it the "woodlands" gradient.  and i called it 'mine!' {at least for the time being!} lol  

i used this quilting opportunity try a different type of meandering feather, quilting continuous 'branches' and hopefully... achieving a kind of 'flowing out' from one feather spine to another. 

definitely a work in progress, but a fun challenge for quilting...

accented with a dark green razzle dazzle by superior threads.  this spool is #254, named "irish eyes."  i love the emphasis this thread gives the feathers.

i put a warm golden brown thread of magnifico for the original feather shape, and then added a bright green for the hyper quilting, and deeper, 'forest green' for the outside motif quilting:

a pretty batik backing that will be a nice change if someone wanted to flip it over.  and... everything in my etsy shop is 20% until december 1st, with the code GIVINGTHANKS {all in caps}.  

And I pray we all do {forever and ever amen!}

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 11, 2013

carmen ~ {and winners} ~

hello ~

thank you everyone, for answering the question i posed to you about your favorite threads, colors, and styles, in the last superior threads giveaway post!  i enjoyed reading your responses and it's fun to look at those eye-popping colors isn't it? and i'm with ya ... i want them all... but more than that, i really just love playing with all the possibilities thread gives. such gorgeous texture, color, and beautiful lines of design are at our fingertips with gorgeous thread.  

speaking of thread, here's a couple photos of my progress on the flower applique project, onto which i added red razzle dazzle thread to my flower shapes, in a free motion spiral motif.  this dark red thread has some black in it, too.  i've  named her "carmen" ~ yup, i made it up.  it's the perfect color, and just like the character of carmen, this thread has lots of drama and sparkle.  {my last remembrance of carmen was in the olympics, with skaters who danced to the music of carmen in their routine}

perhaps carmen will be the name i eventually give this quilt, too. {we shall see!}

i added more decorative stitching on the stem and leaves, in a bright green magnifico thread.  what a performance-enhancing thread this is!  {no need for any steroids} it's a natural for stunning threadplay.    

and matching the razzle dazzle blue color of the petal flowers, i added it to the perimeter edges of the stem and leaves, too.

below:  the "triple straight stitch" {a basic utility-type stitch on most every machine} in the center, with just one line, and then just a simple straight stitch, {lengthened out}  in a slightly curvy line on my way back to the center.  when i was done with those lines, i flipped it around to the back and added razzle dazzle.  i know.  i can't help myself.  well, i guess i really could... but then what would be the point? 
and some bobbin play in the background... i'm not really sure where this is going... but it's gonna be a fun trip... !

 and the finale...  that would be you, dear readers.

and the winner of the $25 gift certificate:  stitched by me! her comment: "I LOVE thread and am taking you up on an extra chance to win by sharing your blog post. http://stitchedbyme.wordpress.com/2013/11/09/do-you-love-thread/ My blog post was also tweeted just in case that gets yet me another chance to win! :) Thank you for your awesome inspiration!" 

and if you like razzle dazzle thread, i've also got some extra spools of razzle dazzle to give away too... they go to: "pk sews" and "five shadows." 

everyone, please contact me {leslievaskey@msn.com} with your addresses, k?

thanks for making the giveaway so much fun!  please... please come back next month for the next superiorly superior thread giveaway!

blessed i am, and i hope you are too!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

let's do the twist ~

helloooo  to everyone out there...

here's a bit more fall inspiration from a photo i took:

and... i'm trying a new thread for me ~ this is "twist" by superior threads.  here's some great info they've put out about this thread:

"It's a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester.  The strength allows for ease of stitching and the high-sheen reflects true, gorgeous hues. Upon first glance, Twist may look similar to a variegated thread, meaning multiple colors dyed on a single strand of thread, however, Twist is unique as it is actually two separately dyed polyester threads, twisted together. This is the first time this has been done with our high sheen, high strength polyester. (It exists in the rayon world, but we do not recommend rayon threads.) By creating Twist with two separately dyed threads, this provides a wonderful texture-approach to embroidery, as depth of color and shades blend seamlessly into each other."
and once again, i'm auditioning thread colors.  here you see the deep gold, a peachy/brown, a rich red brown, and then just good ol' deep brown!  {how do ya like my descriptions?!}

i've drawn my line in the sand  on the fabric using my favorite chalk-marking pen:
and i really 'dig' this twist color thread on this fabric.  it doesn't look like much in the photo above, but it's getting exciting ~~~ time to dance!  {let's do the twist!!}  i bought this twist thread  in the green too... but i changed my mind, and decided to go witht he bright lime green in magnifco thread, instead.  but oh my, i do LOVE it! 

p.s.  superior threads: we need more colors to be available in this thread!
look how pretty it is on the fabric now!  it really brings this beautiful hand-dyed fabric to life
and it glows ~ looks so good with razzle in that peachy-brown, and the lime green... lights it up, man!  and while i was in the "subtle" mood, i kept with the green in the outside motifs too.  i love it!
i had this bug to add turquoise colors of stitching in this fabric, but i felt i just didn't have the right 'brightness' in my thread stash {i know - hard to imagine, isn't it?}... so i added it in the binding instead!  {yay!}
yes, yes i do, i/m excited at how it turned out! i put some amy butler on the back.  {well, her fabric anyway!}  love having a good stash of fabrics i can mix and match...

that binding also has peach and green, tans and browns, which makes it just the perfect finish, in my eyes!

so there you have it ~ this is "golden fields" and it's newly listed, and available in my etsy shop. 

so what do you think of my 'unusual' selection of colors?  kinda different, huh?

but ~ perfect ~ for the thanksgiving table, don'tcha think?!  {i'm hoping somebody does... so i can buy more threads!} lol

giving thanks ~
bless your day!
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