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Monday, May 5, 2014

count it all joy ~

morning glories ~

i love how this turned out, and i can't wait to make more! many of you know know how much i enjoy exploring the written and quilted letter ~ this project was no exception.  

a very plain turquoise, but absolutely drop-dead gorgeous hand dyed becomes the canvas for the quilting, with the words done in a golden yellow magnifico thread, red daisies, and purple ribbon accents and centers.  finished with my signature stitching style of binding finish, with metallic thread in golden yellow to bring out the major theme of the piece, couched into the binding with the bernina #39 foot.

i will tell you the real key to writing, quilting style:


and i've done it enough so that i share this tip, also.  you must know how to stitch the words and letters backwards, as well.

i go forward, and when each phrase/word is finished, i repeat going in a backwards direction.  that's it.

and it helps tremendously to do it ~ practice it ~ on paper until you are comfortable with the process.

and of course, it's very important that you are very comfortable with free motion by the time you progress to letters.  {in my opinion}.  at least ~ that's my story of how it progressed for me, personally.

 and a little change up in pattern, for the reverse side:
every stitch.  
{even the "unstitching"} 
is counting it all joy!

{that's the real joy}.  even when you fail, 
struggle, or muddle through... count it all joy!
in life, and in quilting.
james 1:2 "my brothers {and sisters}.. count it all joy when you fall into various trials... "
soli deo gloria.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

glitter snowblossoms ~ giveaway


...from the frozen "snowblossoms" of montana!  i love highs of -8 wintery weather.  it makes me appreciate 20 degrees {above zero}. lol

speaking of snowblossoms ~ how i loved making this quilt.

i really did. 

{but} ... i knew i wouldn't  finish it ~ {until now}. it has been tucked away in a closet for over ten years.  motivated by recently having to move all my mother's stuff, {and store it all} i was reminded of how much 'stuff' i have. and that i need to use it or lose it!  {wish i could say the same about weight loss?!!} 

anyway, it was time to make a decision.  that decision being to not ignore it {again} and shove it back into the closet!  

and while contemplating how & what to do, a divine resolution occurred in my overloaded brain.  make it into rounds. do placemats. or a centerpiece. {or several of them!}

so i cut it up.   because i was excited about the prospect of doing that, i forgot to take a picture of the whole thing.  but you can get an idea of what it looked like in it's entirety from the pattern, below.
every snowflake edge was {patiently} free motioned, zig-zag style.  somewhat an overly ambitious task, but i actually had most of them finished.  good enough to begin for what i had in mind.

now let me say the star of the show on the snowflakes is really all about the thread.  {i know you're not surprised}.   this time it's glitter. made by superior threads.  {you know how much i love their threads!} a flat, hologram {100% polyester} filmy, highly-reflective thread.  and it's a wonder!

here's why:  
1.  it adds sparkle and dimension.  {i'm so there!}
2.  it's washer, dryer and iron safe on medium heat.
3.  it's a metallized polyester thread.
4.  it's available in 24 colors.  {no i don't have them all}
5.  it's ideal for embroidery and quilting.

but ya gotta know how to play with it if you wanna have fun with it.  and it's pretty simple, really.  

1. always use a metallic or topstitch needle 90/14; 
2. always lower my tension {always} down to a 1.0, {and superior threads tells you this, too}.
3. always use superior's bottom line thread, for your bobbin thread {in a matching color value}.  it's a sweet 60 weight, so it's nice and thin, and balances the tension play with the glitter queen!  and finally,
4. slow down your speed

this thread will kick up your holiday stitching a notch or two, for sure!
let me say my beginner quilting skills on this piece weren't all that consistent.  but it's certainly good enough to finish making something of it, where it can be used and loved,   and worth the effort to finish and not to stash it {again!} 

to enJOY.

to come on out of the dark and into the light!!

yes.  that's it! that's  what i'ma talkin' about! 
and i remembered using many different colors of the glitter thread in the stitching.  i do have to say, that zig zag stitching i did free motion style...was awesome!  so pretty. it just bounces with light.  i'm feelin' the love and the rejuvenation!
i'm going to add more free motion quilting around the snowblossoms, and then bind them with coordinating batik fabric. i'll have enough for a set of placemats, or just a decorative table accent with a beautiful angel, candle, or just for gifts!  yay!

here's the pattern from sew be it.  cool, huh! these snowblossoms would be super cute pattern to use on pillows, or three of them together for a patchwork table runner, too. i'm sure you have lots more ideas, right?!

i'm also going to give one away ~ if you like the remake of my snowblossom that is... let me know that when {if} you comment.  and since it's time for our december superior threads giveaway, if you'd like to win the $25 gift certificate from superior threads, then let me know that, too. so, there will be two winners this time around! 

deadline is sunday, december 8th, at 5pm mountain standard time.  hopefully, you can still get your prizes in time for christmas!  i'll post winners on sunday evening, or monday, december 9th. if you are 'no reply' please leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.

thanks so much!
merry merry {glitter} christmas!
soli deo gloria!

Friday, June 7, 2013

rusty orange and turquoise ~ yum! {laura gunn fabrics}

hi friends ~

finally getting around to posting photos, and showing just a few quick shots of some of my recently created class round table runners from a couple weeks ago in my 'classic round frenzy' {and i'm not done yet ~ more cut out but not quilted}. 
this more of the laura gunn fabric i've had in my stash, and i kept the quilting minimal; just a bit around the pods, and then some sketchy, 'screendoor' patch stitching, too.  and this gorgeous color!  oh my.  it {almost} makes me swoon, it's so beautiful.
great for summertime dining... and perfect into fall decor!

a set of four, for sale in my shop ~ {wish i had bought more yardage of this one!}
i just love this turquoise and rusty orange combo.  it's been a favorite of mine for many, many years.  in fact, i had an afghan made by by great grandma ada, which i loved, from various tones of turquoise, and orangey rusts to warm browns. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a placemat series with fabric by Laura Gunn

hi everyone ~

i've been going round and round ~ with some fabric that is.  it's been a favorite of mine for awhile now.  so much so, i've put off doing anything with it. couldn't make a decision, actually.  sound familiar?  well, i decided it was time to dash into that stash.  and i made a serious dent into it, i'm happy to say. and not only that, but i like the results, too.  these are fabrics designed by laura gunn, produced by michael miller.
 i kept the quilting simple and clean to show off the dramatic large flower print in this piece. the threads:  superior's tri-lobal polyester, and ricky tims razzle dazzle {the thicker metallic thread}.
 and added kaffe fasset stripey fabric to the back, which makes them wonderfully reversible, and i like the look of the quilting motif from the back, too. 

finished with my 'go-to' style of finishing the seam binding, stitching in the ditch with my favorite bernina foot, the #39, where i place the metallic thread precisely in the seam, using a very narrow zig zag.  {see my previous posted tutorial here from 1/31/11}  and if you'd like to know what a 'coded' foot {by Bernina} then check out my post on that subject, right here. and if you've read my blog for long... you know i've used this foot so many times... all you need to do is to type in 'bernina #39' in the search box to find the many quilts i've made using this super-easy technique.

i had ordered one yard of each of these fabrics from hawthorne threads.  and one of the reasons i get it from this company, is that i cannot get them in my hometown, and i do love these modern prints.  which is why i decided not to cut them up, and leave their designs 'intact' mostly, in a classic round shape for placemats.  so doggone pretty!

 love the birds!  {i saved a couple for future projects/fusing}

 the red in the picture below is much darker than it should be, but this fabric is a ruby red, with a subtle stripe, and just a hint of orange --- love it with the bird print.
 {i always have trouble photographing reds}
these placemats are a classic 16" round shape. i've cut alot of bias binding!  but it's all good ~ and even better ~ they are listed in my etsy shop! {as well as a few other new things}.

thanks for coming by to visit  ~
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