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Friday, June 20, 2014

from my sketchbook ~ discover who God created you to be

hey friends ~

a page from my mixed media sketchbook.  all i can say is this. 

{i agree!}

a bit of papers i had gelli printed, and doodled on, which was glued to the top of the page with gel medium.  i also incorporated some textured wallpaper, and then used twinkling h2o's for the watercolor.  finished with a sakura glaze pen in black.

though i'm thinking it's not done.  {not yet!}  nor is God done, with any of us... yet!

soli deo gloria!

Friday, February 21, 2014

a wild dahlia flower in microbead detail ~

hey friends ~ happy Friday {thank goodness!}

not sure what to call this piece ~ maybe it's a red sunflower... would love to hear suggestions for a creative name on this piece?  i'm fresh out ... {it's been one of those weeks}.

i have lots of time in this one, and i was pretty patient, all in all! it was enjoyable, gradualling adding microbead details and color one by one.  it all began with a fairly "loosely" created, watercolor drawing, using the twinkling h20's as a base for the flower... {because why put in details if you're going to cover it up?}

wish i had thought to take pictures right from the beginning, but was not thinking ... either clearly, or far ahead!

at any rate, there is a progression of sorts, as I added the microbeads, doodling with a white pen, and adding more contrast and depth of color using golden highlights with yellow, orange and red watercolor overlay, glaze pens, and finally, a black one for a bit of extra bold pattern. 

have a great weekend!
joining up with jen price and other artists today at the

I'm looking forward to teaching my first free motion quilting class tomorrow at The Quilt-A-Way here in great falls!
~ soli deo gloria ~

Sunday, January 26, 2014

mixed media flower ~ winter's daisy

hi ~

this is a mixed media-styled watercolor piece, created in my large scale, moleskine watercolor journal.  it's size is 8.5" x 12" {and i love playing in this larger venue}

this is the photo story, of how the piece progressed {the best i can recall, that is!}

the first photo below shows the initial color, using sennelier watercolors, and then my first pass at glitter and micro beads.
 and then i added black doodling, even writing in the outside edges, as well as defining areas of the petals better.  and detailed application of microbeads, in varying colors for the center, which make it visually more interesting.  and finally, lime green and black to further differentiate the pod.  that's really my favorite part of the entire piece, and helped to become more interesting visually.

i apply microbeads with glitter glue.  i also used a fine-tip, which certainly aids in placement.  and what also aids... is being patient to wait for the glues and watercolors dry.  

at this juncture i added "blops" {as i call them} of white acrylic paint through a stencil {this one is "crackle" by seth apter, from stencil girl products} with fairly small openings. {lower left corner in the photo below}

i added random droplets of watercolor, but this time, mixed with twinkling h20's, in navy blue. they will have a bit of shine when they are dry.

 and more glitter... but mixed up with clear microbeads, and this was lightly placed in the outer corners of the piece. 
 ... deepening the blues and greens, below with twinkling h20's:

 and at this point, {below} i felt it needed more dimension and depth in the flower petals...
i attempted this by applying it with my sakura 'glaze' pens, adding to the petals, and into the center. i used a warm golden yellow, and a purple-blue in the outward parts. because these pens are a clear, yet raised type of glaze-ink, they not only add transparency, and vibrant color, but depth as well. 

i also added white doodles with a pen that has white ink ~ this is the uni-ball signo pen. {i purchased mine on amazon} and so far, it's the best kind. i have certainly bought several other brands that were completely, and utterly worthless.
{and why not a few more microbeads in the corners}

 this photo shows the sakura glaze pens, and the writing i added:

my favorite part is the center.
and a few more marks with pen... and i think it's time to say "enough!" {at least in my book}  i worked played on this piece almost every evening over the past couple weeks, sitting in front of the fireplace with brian and the dogs! 

it was a very enjoyable discovery, and i look forward to more!

soli deo gloria

Friday, November 1, 2013

fear not ~ sketchbook love

greetings on the first of november ~

we all know ~ life is full of challenges.   particularly as i contemplate "what's next" in the decisions i must make for a depressed and addiction-oriented parent ~ my mom. now struggling with confusion, physical limitations, medications and many ongoing emotional issues, which she has had for as long as i can remember...  

"fear not" ~ i've been told those two words are mentioned 365 times in the word of God. 

not surprising.  that's one for every day of the year..  

and for every moment in this life.

these words command my attention in my watercolor sketchbook.  this page expresses the color story and lettering ~ strong and bold ~ to convey the fullness of the command it really is ~ that live-it-now and keep-it-deep-in-your-heart-so-you-never-forget-it kind of command.

be strong.

and courageous. very courageous. 

and so i get to know more of what it takes to walk by faith.  i am grateful to know that when i place all the burdens ~ the questions, the frustration, bitterness and disappointments in the bigness of His caring and gracious palm of His hand, that there is nothing He does not already know, cannot handle, and does not already have a plan for.  there is nothing He will not see me through! 

there is peace when i think on those things. 

be fearless. {not reckless}.

nothing more.  

nothing less.

it's a wonderful, hope-filled and fearless day!  Thank God.

and in the studio with friends today.


Friday, June 28, 2013

define yourself ~ from my sektchbook

good morning glories!!!

this is one of my favorite journal~watercolor pages... just a lot of bright, bold color laid down this way and that.  i am trying to be more deliberate about leaving white space, and i'm getting {only slightly} better about it.   i used a very large, bold, chisel-tipped black sharpie pen for the initial writing of letters, and outlining them black, raised ink, using the sakura glaze pen, and then doodling silver sparklies with a metallic gelly roll pen in the background of the page. 

it's one of my personal favorites.  and my hope ~ my prayer ~ is that you {beloved} will enjoy it too... 

define yourself radically as one beloved by God.
this is the true self
every other identity is an illusion.
Brennan Manning
Mercy Ministries 

i've committed it to memory.  
i hope you will too ~ know ~ and keep it ~
captured deep in your heart!
soli deo gloria!
joining up with the in the studio crowd here! 
happy happy friday ~ vacation  here i come!

Friday, May 10, 2013

a confident woman ~ from my sketchbook

good friday to you all!

i'm looking ahead at a three day weekend... the day off... a badly needed haircut, a nice birthday dinner for my husband, the beautiful scent of the apple trees in our yard blooming... and maybe even some warm weather!!!  woot woot!
it's also my husband's birthday... our anniversary ... and mother's day.  just a trifecta of weekend activities!

here's a favorite quote from a book written by author renee swope ~ a confident woman ~ which i illustrated in my sketchbook.  it features peerless watercolors {love them!}.  and my moleskine watercolor journal, and a border from my gelli prints!  love it!  i used a sakura glaze pen for the writing. 

"a confident woman knows that even
when she falls, 
she does not have to stay down.
she can reach
for God's hand
rise again." 
so true.  thank you Lord.  
happy weekend everyone, and happy mothers day!
and... we have a new link up for in the studio ... here!  
come join up!


Thursday, August 2, 2012


From my sketchbook ~ the word: think. I think it's called an acrostic.  I like words that help me remember something more, than just the plain ol' word...  I sketched this a couple months ago when I was home on vacation.  I used my Koi watercolors, Sakura glaze pens, and black Pitt pen. 

Prayin' this will make it from head... into my heart. 

WAY more often. 

Like... every day.

Make that every second ... of every day.


Friday, July 13, 2012

EnJoy ~ Journal Love

Nothing but Sakura Glaze pens... Pit Pens, and some Sakura Souffle pens.  Just for fun.  
I thought I was done ...
Not quite.
This is where it has ended...
And that is why I love about doodling, coloring, and creating art. I just pick up my pens and the journal, any ol' time, and I just get to play ~ and EnJOY the 'getting there'!

EnJOY today~and EnJOY the new art work by Jennifer at Studio JRU, too!  Happy, happy weekend everyone!
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