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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free Motion Scrapbooking!

Have you tried applying quilting or sewing onto your scrap booking pages?  It's nothing really new... but
It IS really quite ... charming!   
I have to say, I've had these pages done for quite a while, and they've been hung up in my studio... 
I just remembered I wanted to make a post about them... 
I hope you EnJOY.
They make me very happy!
the bonus?
Free motion crosses over into scrapbooking! 
Kind of like country music and rock... rock on!

Use a 90/14 needle... it will dull quickly because paper is hard on needles, just like it is on your good fabric scissors...this might be one of the few places I would choose a Universal needle.. you know ... the needle type that is just like the spare tire on your car... it's only good in an emergency and until you can get a good needle/tire!
A regular ol' zig zag looks pretty S P I F F Y... 
don't you agree?
Try a bit of that old fashioned trim you have... somewhere in all your 'STASHING'.... and a glue stick comes in mighty handy before you stitch!
What about that straight stitch?  Nice and simple does it.  Beautifully accents the paper frame!  I also dig the 'honeycomb' stitch above, too.  Not so much about the blanket stitch.  (sorry blanket stitch - but you've been overused!)

A bit of ribbon... (what a big surprise from me, huh?!).  I added some denim (from a test sample I did years ago) where I was learning what/how/when with a double needle.  Just cut them up into three 'matching' squares.  SimpleEasy-breezy. Super fun! 
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