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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Here are some scraps I found while cleaning and organizing the studio  - recently - and no, no, I'm not done with that yet... although organization is always a DAILY task... I haven't always held myself to that standard!  LOL.
But I was pleased to find these little scarp pieces. Even more, I enjoyed making them into something useful.  They are our new coasters!
Silk fabric. But coasters you ask?  Yup.  I know I'm taking a risk here.  They were small pieces... and I didn't want to throw them back in the box (to get lost ... again!).  Just about right for coasters, maybe even a tad bit on the small size.  Because  they are stabilized with a fused stabilizer (as silk fabric ravels terribly if you don't), I'm hoping they will hold up in the wash.  Normally I wouldn't put them in the wash, but since there wasn't much time invested in them, I think this will be interesting to see.  I'll throw them in a hoisery bag to help protect them.    And then... I will know for sure! 

Last year, February 1, 2011, I published the quilt which these pieces are the scraps leftovers from a tablerunner I titled: "Pick Up Stix" & you can see that post by clicking  here.  And that tablerunner was made from the scraps from a silk quilt I free motion quilted for the Bernina store last year!  Three times a charm! Love it!

Just  quick picture how the triage looks on our coffee table, as I 'staged' it for ya'll.

EnJoy the weekeend!  Three days for me, as Monday is a federal holiday! YAY YAY YAY!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The MAZE Tablerunner

Amazing foot... the #43 free motion couching foot by Bernina.  Love...love, love it! See my blog post February 1, 2011 here.  And I'm sorry if I've tempted you with this foot, and you have an older machine... sadly, those older models will not accommodate this foot.  In fact, all the "new" feet won't fit older machines, period. :(

Yes, it's a 'must-have' kind of foot, that is, if you like free motion, texture, & have beautiful yarns  because you're a 'wanna-be knitter' and just can't resist those gorgeous yarns, but are really only a 'knit wit' ... like me?!

And here's a table runner I loved doing with this foot in particular.  You can see the blog for Sunshine and Satin here. A shot from that blog post is below:
ALSO: See my blog posts for Bonfire at SunsetDaisy Delight ...  "3-D Delightful"  and Montana Treasure for more inspiration with the #43 free motion couching foot!

I appreciate that this foot... makes me look so good!  (My quilts - not my face lol!)  It's much easier if you load the foot before you put it on your machine!  Any cording or yarn you choose should be approximately 2mm in diameter - and it should flow freely through the holes of the foot to stitch properly.

What I really appreciate about this foot is that the couching for the stitching barely shows, and it doesn't squish my yarn down like traditional 'feed dogs up' couching with a typical zig zag stitch does. 
Oh... and did I mention what I really really appreciate about this foot is the ease in which you can drive yourself anywhere.... everywhere...freely!   Backwards, forwards, sideways, over and under, through hill and vale... (okay, so I'm getting a bit carried away)... but it's really very COOL!

What in my opinion, is another fabulous print for the back... just in case you decide you need to see a few flowers (like we do in these darker days of winter!)
The finished runner, in it's entirety:
And... yes, this piece is for sale.  Click on the image in the right hand side bar, or visit me at my  Etsy shop.  And THANK YOU very much for taking a look and stopping by the blog!  It's just "marveles" to have you!

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