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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Wrinkle In Time

I like wrinkles... on my paper fabric!   And time seems to just disappear so quickly when I am having fun making it.  Or is it fabric paper?  I always get it mixed up... :)
Thought I'd had enough of pink... but here I am, making more!  And a bit too much at that... notice the big blobs above?  Oops.  Paper towel time. 
But it was fun adding those same leftover paper towel bits to this piece.  And below, the piece is dry, edges curling, ready for my  'submissive ironing' as I call it!
I have to say, this type of detail... the shimmer on the paper towel texture is just downright exciting to me!  I like it so much! 
and on to the next piece...
Orange.  "Orange you glad?"  Definitely! (sorry, very old knock knock joke just popped up into my head!)
Proverbs 31:25!  Love it!
Although it's wet and a bit gooey, it's looking good.  Once dry, I decide whether or not to add anything more. 
And the next piece... "Green Goddess" perhaps? I used some notes I had written for recipes while we were away from home, and so they were ripped and thrown in onto the paper layer underneath. (We love Baked Oatmeal!)
And that's the end of my evening. I did one more piece in a bright green that didn't fit on my plastic garbage sack for drying.  But Fun.  Totally engrossing, and a definite happy feeling for me! 

Next evening:  I've added a touch of foiling when the paint was still slightly sticky... and some screen printing in white... (tulip and word/writing pattern from Margaret Applin's Etsy shop). Should I cut them up for more hearts?  Maybe.  I'm thinking some of it, but not all. By the way, these are fairly small pieces of fabric paper - slightly smaller than a fat quarter each.
and the next evening... a bit of silver foil ~ love this effect.

Have a great one, whatever it is you're doing in time... wrinkle...  or not!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"LIVE with INTENTION" Paper Fabric Quilt

NOTE:  This is a repost from earlier this year, February.  I just thought I would share this... noting that I also recycle the paper towels I clean up with.  
I bet you can pick it out in the picture below:

Here's number 3 in the 'pastel series' I've been playing with. I'm calling it "Live With Intention" as it is inspired  by my high school art teacher, Katie Twedt -- once again! (I could never get enough of her art!) and ... FYI, I will be the guest artist late this summer at the LIBERTY VILLAGE ARTS CENTER in CHESTER, MT!  Yay!  Thanks for asking me,  Katie!  Anyway... Katie's  hand stamped, designed paper piece is directly sewn onto this pastel fabric quilted collage. 
The triple stitch... decorative stitches 'adorn' the paper art by Katie Twedt.  Above that, is a paper towel - upcycled!
 Pastels are not my 'norm' as I generally am attracted to bold colors, first.  I'm sure having a good time with them though... and it's a good thing to get outside one's comfort zone... ah... more to be said about that; whether it is living a Christian life, working, playing, or quilting!

 Soli Deo Gloria!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Foiled Again!"

Okay, so I have a wacky sense of humor!  But I do enjoy this embellishment technique, and to 'foil again and again...!" 

This is what is called 'gold foil' which is really a type of plastic-cellophane type product with a highly reflective surface bonded to it.  In the pic below, it looks like this, once it's been applied to the glue you've allowed to dry.  It is always placed with the shiny side up and the 'dull' side down. You can see the swirl pattern of the glue underneath as it's raised and I've also burnished it to the surface.  I burnish it with my fingers. You could use a pressing tool, like a bone folder, or a wooden, finger pressing-type notion, or whatever works best for you.
This particular foil product can be used with several different types of glues; I've used these three: 
  • Jones Tones Foil Glue
  • Glue gun type glue
  • fusible web
There is also the traditional type of  silver, or gold, or multi-colored 'leafing' foil products. (see below) in the flat package.  It's meant to be used with a 'sizing' product, but I have found that sizing glue absorbs into the fabric, and doesn't remain tacky. However, you can build it up with multiple applications and it does eventually stick if you have patience!  I did this on my Montana Treasure quilt.  It can be applied pretty effectively using the Jones Tones Glue, too.
Always place the dull side of the foil facing down onto your project, with the shiny side facing up at you.  After you've burnished the foil onto the glue, it will look like the picture below where the dull side is shown.
And when you are done it will look like this picture to the right.  If you'd like to see how the gold leaf flakes look, check out the post on the "Let Love Be Your Guide" here. It's right next to the the hearts.

If you'd like more information, there are lots of resources out there.  One of them is a book titled "Complex Cloth" by Jane Davilla.  My biggest challenge is finding the foil, in colors.  I am sure I can find it online.  If anyone has a favorite place to buy such things, I would appreciate hearing about it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daisy Sparkle

Daisy Sparkle...

And the series of Pastels hanging on my wall at home--  "Be Free" - "Let Love Be Your Guide" and "Daisy Sparkle:"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Scatter Joy:" Art Quilt

I LOVE to FINISH project!  Nothing like that feeling of accomplishment!  I'd been working on this piece for a couple months, and had published the finished picture in yesterday post - in case you missed it!  Sometimes things have to "simmer" on my quilting stove for a while!  Just call me a regular ol teapot! LOL.  I began with a piece of hand-dyed fabric, in BRIGHT orange!  Then came the words "Scatter Joy" from a notecard I 're-purposed' from my favorite art teacher/artist extraordinaire - Katie Twedt!
I'm getting better at including some decorative stitches... no need for me to be prejudiced!  After all, everyone likes to get into the FUN... including the silver leaf (made for wood) but it's great on fabric!

And then it was time to apply a ZIPPER---lime green!  Fabulous! Easy to apply free motion, as well as adding a decorative stitch - the triple straight stitch! And an experiment with some metallic foil - this time a different type, from "Jones Tones" with their dimensional foil glue.  I tried to hurry-up (mistake!)... and dry it faster with my heat gun.  No, No!  It bubbled... perhaps it's okay on another day... but I didn't like it on the zipper, when it bubbled. No biggie... onward and UPWARD! A dab of black thread.  This glue product is easy to sew through, FYI!

I had made my angelina fibers into a "fabric sheet" previous to placing on the appliques, of course.    I got to put into play my sizzix machine and the fusible appliques were a breeze!  No tedious hand-cutting, tracing... sore wrists!  I bought mine from Patsy Thompson's webs site!  (She has good sales, too!) AND great service!

 Then a bit of a zig zag free motion edge-stitching on the flower petals- I call it the herky jerky!

 And you may notice... I don't let it bother me when the lines cross!  "There is a time for everything under the sun" and free motion is no different!!!  Sometimes I don't like it to cross...sometimes I'm really lovin' it to cross!!!  Shake it up girls... break down that box that walls you in... and enJOY!

 I forgot to mention earlier... I also textured the orange fabric with bubble wrap, brushed with textile paint... as well as paintstiks!  I enjoy doing that so much!

As you can see, I also used two different bindings... couldn't make up my mind?!!!  YUP.  Sometimes that's a dilemma for me.  I liked the graphic "pop" of the black and white circles fabric... and I loved the purple to tie in the turquoise thread stitching and purple of the flowers - and it called out to be curved.  Straight edge was a bit boring!  So... curved edge it was... even though it's still a bit of a boxy shape... but I LIKE it.
I hope you enjoyed the show! 

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