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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

eucharisteo life ~ expressed in a watercolor sketch

hi friends ~

i recently took a springtime class "saturday mornings" from the demure, charming, and very creative artist, junelle jacobsen.   this sketch was something she developed in acrylic paint, but i was more in the mood for the lightness of watercolor.  

and it's a new favorite because of the beauty of discovering this word, through the book, "one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp. i'm reading it through on my second time around. some things are just that good.



"one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp

~ eucharisteo ~
a full life of thanksgiving, grace and joy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

sketchbook ~ now is the time to worship

hi everyone ~

this particular watercolor is based on a sympathy card i received when mom passed away last december, which featured this image. 

it was a beautiful card to receive... and i embraced it. 

i do have a fascination with arches, windows, and chapels, and even gravestones with fascinating architectural details. 

so the card inspired me to try my hand in my own version, and in that doing... became a part of my worship.  it's not just for church.  although that corporate blessing is not to be undermined by self-convenient, self-serving worship.  it is a blessing, our corporate worship in raising our voices up to the Father we love and who loves us ~ together.  it builds upon the foundation of our faith.  it builds us up.  edifies and strengthens.  and it is glad praise we offer in thanksgiving.  in all days.  


this card reminded me. and as i added the words to my card, the song that was singing in my head... 

"come.  Now is the time to worship.
come, now the time to give your heart.
come, just as you are, to worship.
come, just as you are, before your God.

because any time is a good time.  whether you are happy, or sad, sick or healthy, but even moreso... when you don't feel like it!  and i think sometimes grief can do that to a person.  

but that is exactly when i think {know} i need it the most.

i'm so grateful for those who came alongside me in mine, and lifted me up in prayer and gratefulness...

so... now is the time. to give thanks and worship the One who heals, loves, and gives us all we need.

now ~ now is the time to give your heart.

~ soli deo gloria ~

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

sketchbook ~ livin' on a prayer

hey friends ~

here's a bit of a sketch and a prayer. 
or a prayer and a sketch.

i like that.

or... {if you need further inspiration, you can rock out to bon jovi's song "livin' on a prayer!"} lol

in my recent memory ~ albeit 'sketchy' {forgive the pun?}... i recently saw a geranium somewhere... maybe it was from a stamp in a catalog... regardless, the image stayed with me, and this is what i ended up with:

it's one of my favorite sketches.  and i'm finding that when think about it, and break it down to simple shapes... guess what? it's pretty simple!  

the geranium was sketched out, with pencil, very, very lightly. i began by drawing a very basic, large round shape, added a stem,  & leaves... and then filled in that round "ball" shape with mini flowers and other small petal shapes.  you may notice that some are even heart-shaped, and some are just round circles.  

i began with a light pink wash in places, and then added medium pink, and a bright green, highlighted with black pen and the signo white pen... and just a touch! {of the gelly roll glitter pens!}  the last thing was to apply a light blue wash around the perimeter, and let it dry.  i wrote the prayer, which is accomplished with the uni-ball signo pen.  you can't really see it... but i like that. 

simply yours ~

Monday, February 3, 2014

footprints on your heart ~ and in my sketchbook

hello ~

i've been concentrating lately on just playing in my sketchbook pages ~ abd here are just a few things i've {gradually} learned playing with watercolors:

~ use multiple shades of one color, darker and lighter
~ always start with the lightest shade of one color, and use layers, going to the darker colors last
~ leave some white spaces and open areas
~ add some black for contrast
~ sqiggly lines are "organic" and natural-looking
~ it's okay to "make it up" - it does not have to be "perfectly real!"  {it's probably even better if it's not}
~ use your imagination
~ keep it simple

i try to keep in mind shading, from the perspective that usually ~ there is a single light source, coming from one direction, and so i shade with that in mind {most of the time!}  sometimes... i just get caught up in the page, and the beautiful color, and i forget!

and i've learned that watercolors are a great base, done lightly.  you can go back and add more color {either wet or dry}.

and the toughest thing for me?  

keeping it simple! {ain't it the truth?}

that statement, in and of itself, is a skill to cultivate.  {and practice!}

uhmmm... yes.

still lovin' those microbeads, baby!

we have a mutual affection for each other ~ i agree to use them, and they agree...  to totally spread.  all.  over.  {lol}

and most imporantly ~ don't be afraid!  {be strong and courageous!} and keep on learning.  after all, that's what a sketchbook is for! 

i've come to realize my sketchbook is "my training ground." and it's free space! it's a place where there are no rules, just opportunities.  i am completely free to explore, try new things, and then evaluate them.  and i can look back on those techniques, color combos, ideas... and try it in a different way... or just pick what i love {or didn't love} from a page and either {use it ~ or lose it!}   :)

keeping it simple, babe. ahhh. 

{kinda like a bubble bath after a long {cold winter's} day!}  it's only -9 this evening.  yikes.  stay warm!  and...


Monday, January 20, 2014

sketchbook ~ listen

hi there  ~

another sketchbook page ~ a watercolor and gelli printed combo.  and a bit of  a doodle... {and a listening ear}

the word:  listen.
i took gelli-printed papers, and tore them.  i glued them a page of my watercolor sketchbook and used them as a border.
then... there was this empty "big blue space" to do... what? well... something! it's been blank for a long while now.  time to pay attention.  

and for me ~ that would mean listening. 

listening is simply done, really.  another good habit to cultivate {and be disciplined to}...

and this particular page is simple, as well. "listen" was doodled in black pen, and then filled in with a metallic silver gelly roll pen. 
lean in. stop.  look.  and {listen}.

be present... in this place. right now.  there is a place here... full of promises that God's got for you.  

for me.  

for us.

have a discerning {and listening} day.

God bless ya!

Friday, December 20, 2013

healed and whole ~ sketchbook

thank you all ~ for your kind words, your prayers, encouragement, and love. i am thankful to each and every one of you.

my mom passed into heaven today.  sweetly embraced in the Father's arms forevermore; "the wounds this world left on my soul, will all be healed and i'll be whole."

I thank Him for a mom who loved me and my brothers and sister with all her being.

these two pages from my journal are lyrics i illlustrated from a favorite song "all my tears" by the group, selah, which i created in my moleskine watercolor sketchbook a year ago in october 2012.  i know that every word of it is true, and it soothes my hurting heart for my mama.  

God Bless you mom. xoxo

Friday, September 27, 2013

friday prayer ~ sketchbook

happy friday!!!  so looking forward to the fall weekend.. i cannot wait to get out into the montana autumn day and explore.  happy~happy!

in the meantime, i was out early this morning to capture the beautiful light and shadows...

i hope you enjoy the prayer ~ courtesy of max lucado.


yes... and amen.

joining in the studio on studio friday with i believe in love.  

yes... yes i do!!  i hope you'll join jen on the in the studio blog of my lovely friend jennifer, from studio jru!! 

blessings to all of you ~ enJOY your day!
with His abundant love ~

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Sketchbook ~ St. Augustine ~

Hey everyone!

It's been a 'rock-n-roll' kind of work week at the court... so today, just a simple page I'd like to share from my sketchbook. 

The word, "believe" sure gets tossed around alot this time of year.  It seems to relate to almost everything, but I think this phrase, cuts straight to the heart of the matter...    

No matter who you are, where you are, and what you may do, or think... this is wisdom applicable to all.  Put it to the test. 

Ask yourself, "do you believe, that what you believe, is really... real?

Courtesy of St. Augustine: 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Each Breath Given ~ Sketchbook

Hi there sweet friends ~
Today's post is about a blog post that really, well, really got to me. I love Kimberly's writing style and her writing is a gift in itself, but the gift is the simplicity of what she has defined, and continues to, on her blog. Like about breathing. And so, as I do with many things, I journaled it, because I want to remember this special gift...  With her permission, I quote in part from her post "Joy for the Journey."  

"The joy begins for me in the same place every day, when I wake up and purpose myself to remember that each breath is given, not a given. I don’t own it or earn it–I receive it. From the movement of my limbs, to the sun rising behind the mountains, to the mist on the lake, to the man exhaling beside me, to the dog smelling of wet grass, to the beat-up running shoes, to my children and their own warm breath on my cheek, to every good and imperfect thing I touch or sustain or steward. A bounty beginning with the breath of God." 
~ Kimberly Coyle October 23, 3012 on "Joy for the Journey."

Click here to read the entire post. 

Breathe it in.  Deeply.
It's sweet.  It's fresh.

Thank you Kimberly.  You are a breath of fresh air to me, and I thank God for you! 

Praying you will find some  t i m e  to breathe. And be thankful for the gift.

"Find Time For Tea" ~ a sweet blog.
Another Giveaway tomorrow! Blessings on your day~ Soli Deo Gloria! 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sketchbook ~ Twinkling Leaves

{just imagine Tigger's voice from Winnie the Pooh!}

Well, the leaves mostly gone... except for those living in my imagination or on the sketchbook page! I have really enjoyed playing ~ layering different types of watercolors with this particular page, though.  I began with a base layer of watercolor with the Peerless brand of watercolor papers.  Then I added the Luminarte Twinkling H2O's for some sparkle, and a bit of more depth... I think?
And one of my favorite worship songs "Rushing Wind"  was sung in my heart as I drew... colored, and added details... you can see some of the words... perhaps.
"rushing wind... blow through me, like your tender breeze... search out the depths of my heart..."

Two pages full!  I loved it.  I'm trying to learn to get a lighter hand with my black pen.  Sometimes yes.  Sometimes No!

And just a bit of a trip down memory lane - here are two Autumn-inspired table runners, too.
 The quilt "Red Autumn" above
 And here is "Leave it Beautiful in Twilight" a blue version; both of which were published on the blog last year - just click the links to see them.

And. Just in case anyone 'out there' is interested... I am offering anything with leaves in it... 50% off the listed price in my Etsy store.  Just contact me so I can set it up.  That is the beginning of my Autumn Celebration, with a couple free give-a-ways coming up... soon!  Very... soon!

Ever thankful to you all, have a great day!  


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