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I love creating art. I love the Creator! And through that love, I find a little slice of heaven on earth and I give Him all the glory! It's a great adventure and I'm excited to see what's around the bend! Come join me, won't you?
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Marching Through The Spring Snow

Ahh.  Friday.  5pm.  It's time to go home.

Snow has been falling ~~~ all day long. 

The kind of snow that says, "Won't you come out and play?"

View from the eastern side of the river --- looking towards the Federal Courthouse where I work
Yes.  Yes I will!  

Ahh.  The Crisp.  Freshness.

Clinging to the ground in a thick carpet. Not the thinly veiled, soft, floaty-flimsy, hit-the-ground-as-you-melt snow...

Thick.  Wet.  Heavy.  Pure.  Sooo Soft.  

And So Quiet.


All dressed up for the Spring Prom... 

"Won't you come out and enjoy while I'm all dressed up for you?"


 Yes!  I will ...  

Stop being in a hurry. 

I will stop.

Breathe in.


Give Thanks.


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