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Thursday, October 2, 2014

autumn sunset leaves art quilt ~


well, the snow has arrive and is steadily and determinedly coming down from our october skies!  ahhh yes.  glad to have put out some sunflower seed heads for our little birdies yesterday.  it's gonna be a cold one today.  

so, in that vein, as the leaves will soon make their yearly departure, here is an art quilt that reflects the season of flying leaves, and and artistic expression of it:
{still vicki welsh hand dyed fabric, stenciled as previously posted, with paintstiks, and then I also did leaves using a stencil and my paintstiks, then cut and fused them on top of the quilt.  there are some great resources and tips from cedar canyon textiles if you ever want to take a look.  i purchased my stencil from the quilt store.  {supporting local business ya know!}
the background quilting is just a bit of meandering, ribbony lines to show movement. 
i'm also trying out superior threads, new "fantastico" variegated polyester, 40 wt. thread.  i think it frays lots less than other tri-lobal polyesters i've used, including better than superior's "rainbows" style.
and i've tucked angelina fibers behind some of the leaves.  just a smidgen!
and a bright turquoise binding in a curvy edge, and i cut the binding on the bias.  i love turquoise and orange together!

have a great one, and i promise i'll be staying warm down in the sewing studio, and coming up to see if the snow has stopped yet!  lol


Monday, March 3, 2014

the stenciled, feathered, {brown eyed queen?} finished ~

hi there ~

i don't know why, but i just couldn't make a decision on binding for this piece.  i guess because it was difficult to choose a color, and fabric style for this binding, but i finally said, "just do it!  and so i chose a multi-colored binding, one of the first fabrics i grabbed. 

this little quilt sample has risen up from the depths of the ufo pile, which kind of came to a  halt last fall.  it's a beautiful fabric dyed by talented hands of  vicki welsh.

a while ago, i wrote a post about trying out some beautiful stencil designs, created by feather diva, ms. patsy thompson, from patsy thompson designs, {click here}.

i like it!  i think i chose this binding color, as it encompassed all the thread colors, and brought out a little bit of the pink tones in the hand dyed fabric.  

and better... 
it. is. done! 
{and even listed in the etsy shop

have a sweet one ~

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Journal #2 ~ Copper Flowers

Hello there ~ oh my goodness... I made it through to Tuesday!  More on that later!

Here is my second {my favorite!} covered journal; I'm calling it "Copper Flowers."
 Recognize this design? 
It was one of the Margaret Applin's new stencil from Joggles, which I debuted awhile ago on fabric... and now on paper:
 {love that coppery perfect pearl paint!} love that stencil!!!

 The outside back side cover below:
 A pretty stack of journals I made, sitting together on the table.  Kind of like food in the pantry, is a couple journals finished!!!  It all represents many hours of happily messing around trying to figure out book covering, and all that mechanical application stuff: 
  The inside back cover:
 And, the back side cover: {i love the orange spots with the purple thermofax screen design}
 Purples... aqua, turquoise... oranges... and copper ~ this was a fun color combo!  These are going to make great gifts!
Here's to a fun week ahead~hope it is for you too!
Many blessings~

Friday, February 22, 2013

Come On Over to My House ~

Hey there readers and friends ~

One thing about printing and experimenting with fabrics, stencils, thermofax screens, dyes, paints and mixed media, is that I've collected some pretty cool samples, all ready to come out and play at my house! I've wanted to make a house for a long time, but just didn't know how I wanted to do it... until now!

So come on over... and visit the construction zone!
 This is a piece of organza I printed, using a thermofax screen {Margaret's of course}, gel medium, newspaper and organza.  What I did was layer the newspaper on the bottom, organza on top of that, and then the thermofax screen on top of those two, and scrape gel medium over the top.  Let it dry.  Wash out the excess newspaper print that was left.  And there you have it, a mixed media piece that is visually very interesting, and super fun to make! I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but it is pretty dang cool.  

 I've decided to apply that organza as a layer over these wonderful printed, stenciled fabrics I've been creating using the Joggles stencils.
 And in that stash, I found a fun print {above} ~ perfect for a nice roof, from a previous printing frenzy months ago!

 The background fabric is again, a ghost print, and it was quite a bit more muted than the last one in yesterday's post. I added a glitzy-edged ribbon in orange, and black stitching for a few house details.  I think it may need some lace curtains... hmmm.
And I'm trying to decide which sun to choose for my little house scene. First choice:  a smaller sized peach-colored tone I printed on the gelli plate.
OR... a larger print of the same design, but sprayed with the s.e.i dyes, in yellow and blue.  

The cool,multi-colored dotted piece of fabric was also made using a thermofax screenprint purchased from Margaret's etsy store; another piece waiting for a home! 

I added some extra blue paint for clouds, right onto the background with my fingers.
Now I just have to choose which sun ... 
and think about other elements to add.. or not add.  
{if only building a real house was this fun and easy}  
More fabric choices, perhaps.  
More stitching & quilting, of course!
   Can't wait!
So which one do you like the best?  
And a big thank you for joining in the fun this past week! 
Giveaway details this weekend...and I always look forward to seeing all the creative hearts sharing 
 with Studio JRU In the Studio Fridays~
~Blessings to you all~  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collage ~ EnJOY

Hello friends~

A happy Monday for me ~ more play time {and results} with the new line of stencils I call:  Margaret Applin's Stencil Parade! {from Joggles.com} And they are continuing to make their joyful debut in my studio.  I began with the printed fabric on the left as my background, {love the little bits of color texture} made with Flower Blossoms.

The stage has been set...
Flower Blossoms Stencil from Joggles.com
Time to begin with sponging acrylic paint through the stencil, lightly to begin, and then adding layers.  I like to mix up Golden acrylics and Lumiere paints, because of their intensity, and beautiful colors, as well as how they leave the hand of the fabric quiltable.  I also layer these two mediums with FW acrylic inks, too. I first used the "African Orange STars with Border" stencil, below:

 This stencil is "Flower Patch" ~ and that's exactly what I'm going for...  I isolated a few of it's flower elements, and added them 'here and there' in this collage.
 An assortment of paints~
 I use a simple little black spongy brush ~ the cheapo type as I often times forget to stick it in water... and I layered the yellow flower element first, and then overlayed it with another color of paint, and another design element, too.
This is the "Sunshine" stencil
 Margaret's lovely designs make layering a really fun option for more texture, depth and collage.  With this particular collage, I also added the design, "Secret Garden."  {beautiful and so elegant}  Just perfect for this collage with the tulip-styled flowers.
 No time to stop... let's add more~
 I added the typical three layers, with batting, then began quilting {thread picture below}~
 A little word element, sprayed through a cardboard stencil I purchased for scrapbooking.
Margaret has also developed several designs just for those of us who love to layer!  This one is called "Layered Flower Duo" ~ designed to create a double flower for a beautiful, layered, and creative look:
And after spraying my s.e.i . tumble dyes, I heat-set my printed fabric with the iron, fused it, and cut it out:
 Really... I could spend days just creating different color effects through this dazzling duo!
 Now I have a question for you:  Bling anyone?  {yes please!}
 I purchased this fusible crystal trim at Bernina Silver Thimble, here in Great Falls.  I cut it away, and ironed on the crystals where I wanted them.

 A little bit more of a design element, using black thread and a funky little flower shape.  I deliberately left the lime green thread in the bobbin... just thought I would 'get outside my box" and let it be a little bit more funky...
 We're getting there... but it definitely needs... More!

 Stamping!  That's the ticket to add that little extra textural touch.  Easy to do with acrylic paint, as it takes the permanent ink so nicely.
 And it also needed more background quilting.  I chose to use one of my favorite textural quilting design;  "the screen door."  And I used a lime green YLI Variations thread.
 And again ~ more!  A little a silver heart charm, which I had stuck up on a shelf in the studio!  {perfect}

 Here are a few of the thread colors I used:
 And I call that "EnJoy!"  Yes I did.  And of course, you all know by now, it's one of my favorite words!
So... what do you think of Margaret's new stencil line?

By the way, Terri Stegmiller's blog. She's always got something really cool happening in her studio!  

All these designs are available from Joggles.com.

{And there will be a couple to give away... stay tuned!}
So what do you say? 
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