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Thursday, June 18, 2015

summer mixed media journal season is here ~

hello summer!
75 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunshine and a shady patio.
perfection defined!
... and a new season for making
mixed media journals begins.
i grab {just a few} key art supplies: 
 washi tape, paper words,
pens, little scrappy knick knacks n'such, 
{because, let's face it, it would take hours upon hours
 to bring it all outdoors!}
and then... get to work ~ playing!
 doodling n' glueing.
WARNING: there is a wild border collie waiting in 
the forest who will chew up any falling, wayward rolls
of washi tape --- in a heartbeat!
 hmmm.  as i was saying... 
sitting in the shade, playing, visiting with the pups,
and listening to the birds sing....
i do all the messy glueing, cutting and such in my studio in the basement of our home, and the papers i'm using are my own original prints, made from monoprints from my  gelli plate, stencils, stamps, deli paper, dimensional paste or paint, and just plain ol' acrylic paint! 
i add other texture from stamping onto heavy paper, cutting out {butterflies}, using some of my older scrapbook ephemera, old book pages, etc.  
 and then i doodle away.

 my personal favorites and most-used supplies are stencils, or thermofax screens i've purchased from stencilgirlproducts, many designed by creative friends like terri stegmiller and margaret applin.  but anything goes... yup!  so i begin by making a super big mess with paint...  and then clean up, clear off the table and and then choose from my dried paper stash, glueing them to the fronts and backs of blank paper journals i've purchased from craft stores, or goodwill.

some of my most favorite papers to use as empherma are prayers or quotes, {which i've printed out} by susie larson, or pages from favorite books by emily freeman, and ann voskamp, and many others, too.

so far, my favorite collage glue is "collage pauge" by tracis bautista {purchase at craft stores}.

... many ~ many happy hours later... 
i'll have a stack of a dozen or so journals.
soli deo gloria

Friday, October 3, 2014

blueberry hill artsy leaf quilt ~

good friday to you all ~

it has been fun to experiment with hand dyed fabric, adding a bit of color and pattern using a stencil i've had for a while now, {from stencil girl products} and the lovely and ever-lasting shiva paintstiks.  and of course, blending leaves and adding them on top is like taking me to a candy store!  i love doing it.  plus, it makes for a creative flow of possibilities, and it's so fun to lift off the stencil, and go ... "cool!"  always a bit of surprise, and pleasantly so!  

with that, here is the next little autumn art quilt:
the quilting is nothing to write home about, but i wanted to see what it would truly look like to quilt over the stenciled design, so i went for it.  sometimes the risk is worth the understanding of what you like {and what you don't}.  there is nothing sacred, and it's all good.  that's what is so fun about it.  nothing ventured... nothing gained!

so i decided to quilt the background on this one.  i feel it does compete with the underlying pattern, but at the same time, it's texture, and very appealing color, and because the leaves are pretty plain, i think it works great! 

i think we have a tendency to see our work as "pass/fail" or "good/bad" but that thought pattern can lead us down a narrow dark road at times.  there is always a place for improvement, and that room is called "get on the sewing machine and try it again" --- not something you call "i messed up" or "this is ugly!"  

we get to enjoy the process, and at the same time, our skills improve as we learn and grow.  that includes design decisions, and well as "what-if's" and of course, there is always more to learn.

each leave was edged with a thick thread {via my beautiful #39 foot}.  this method takes patience, and some skill with placement, but easily accomplished with practice time!
class sample
size is about 8x10" and a bit of curvy edge with bias cut binding, a beautiful hand-dyed yarn couched as a framing enhancement, and additionally, a bit of dazzle dazzle couched inside of the yarn.  it truly does sparkle!

we'll be exploring all those concepts, ideas and quilting design {and more} in the november 8th, missoula class at the quilt shop, timeless quilts and friends.  

blessings on your day! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

trouble shooting silks acrylic glaze paint ~

hello there ~

i've been on a fact-finding tour of sorts, using the silks acrylic glaze paints on fabric.

they are shimmering, and beautiful, and very blendable, which is one of the facts i love about this product the most.

that being said, i have found them to be a challenge in keeping the bright, transparent color once an item has been washed.  so... i've been experimenting with other factors, in the hopes of enhancing their "color stability" through washing. 

as the package label on the back says, they are fully cured after 48 hours.  but just waiting 48 hours doesn't quite work ... at least, not on fabric.

 so... enter a fabric painting product, GAC-900.  it's a fabric painting medium, an additive for acrylic paint, to make it more "fabric-friendly." as the label says, "provides a soft hand, and greater launder ability."  

the directions say to mix is on a 1:1 ratio.  now let me say also, that this product is geared specifically to golden acrylic paint brand... which is a very high pigment paint {and very beautiful color}.  however, i used it with the silks acrylics and it works just fine, but it does appear to take the color down on this paint, at least more more than i liked... so you either adapt, or add two coats when you are painting with silks.
and in case you're not sure the type of paint i'm referring to, it's the jars, seen below.  they are really.... really... beautiful!  and i am determined to figure out ... {hopefully} how to keep them that bright, bold color without fading, after washing.
note: these paints are easy clean-up... soap n' water.

and this is the color i get when i put them on, straight out of the jar when using they GAC-900 and after washing, meaning the towel was pre-washed, and heat-set, and then washing afterwards: 

gorgeous color, and the pattern of the towel showing through is appealing to me, personally. this is why i love them as a paint medium. 

but i do not love this result on the t-shirt.  and it didn't seem to mater whether it was 50/50 cotton/poly, or 100% cotton fabric on the t-shirt.  
 BUT... it didn't do this at all... on the black t-shirt i tested {prior to quilting}... {same fabric blend which is 50/50}

and even after heat setting with an iron, and in the dryer, too, this is the result of my experiment on the dishtowel.  not bad, but not as vibrant, either.  so even with GAC-900... it did fade after washing, as seen in the application onto the cotton dish towel below, although i did find i could add another layer of paint, even on top of the threadplay, as it won't adhere to the polyester thread.  and i had a great time with the threadplay on this lovely heart {stencil by margaret applin from stencil girl products}, fyi:
and so this is the way the paint reacted with GAC-900 onto the canvas apron, seen below.  not bad.  it did run a tiny bit, tho.

so, to be frank with you, i just don't have a great answer, or solution to this issue.  it has been a bit frustrating to me.  but in a nutshell, i will still continue to use them, and i will follow these steps, and continue my research!

1. pre-wash items to be painted.
2. add GAC-900 to paint
3. wait till paint dries, and put into a dryer on very hot setting.
4. wait 48 hours, and heat set with iron.
5. do a patch test with a spritz of water.
6. if it runs... don't ever wash it again!  and if doesn't, rejoice!
what can i say?  i think it's a love-hate relationship!

anyone out there with other suggestions?  i'd love to hear em!


Monday, July 14, 2014

journal fever ~

hi there everyone,

with the big wedding over, this past weekend found me playing around for couple hours messing around in the studio, and well... making a {bigger} mess!

i was in the mood to make some journals, as i received a couple new stencils, from stencil girl products, and i was anxious to try them out.  {great sale, thanks mary beth}.  just a few new ones, and i'm always a sucker for word stencils, etc. i do have a wonderful collection of styles, textures, and images. and it was a great time to pull them out and start messin' around with paint.

i also pulled out some gelli plate prints from my paper stash {always good to have them ready!}, some thermofax screens, hand-carved stamps, and more for lots of layering.  it a bit of a feverish sprint, just like jungle fever, but without the mosquitos!

and the substrate was just a simple composition notebook.  i think they sell these for around $1-$2 each 
at office supply stores.  
i have tried printing to the cover of these journals, straight from the gelli plate... but it's not turned out to be something i like the look of.  even if i paint them first.  so i'm covering these with my handmade paper prints:
 i traced around the front cover of the notebook, and then used collage page {a type of decopauge glue} i've purchased from joann's fabric stores to adhere them to the front.  i love this one:

 this one came from my hand-carved rubber stamp:

 and i cut out several stamped images, too.  this flower happens to be designed/from roben-marie.

 as you can see... it creates quite a bit of messy chaos! {time to reorganize, as soon as i retire!
 and this will be a fun blend with this back journal cover:

i hope you'll be sure to come by in a couple days, and see the finished journals, embellished, doodled, and ready to send out to a couple friends, or maybe i'll have some to list in the shop, too. {christmas is coming!!}  

have a happy day ~

Thursday, June 6, 2013

she felt peace ~ my first house quilt

hello everyone out there in 'bloggy land' 

it's been awhile it seems! i was not expecting to be down so long with just a 'little' spring cold.  i'll tell ya, it's packed a big spring punch, that led to a sinus infection, and some bronchial issues. hopefully... i'm leaving the worst behind, and so back into the saddle i'm trying to leap! lol  :)

today, i'm sharing more details from the little house quilt in my 'marveles' faux piping technique, from last week's post.  

my inspiration motifs began with a fun day, printing fabrics with my gelli plate, and frankly ~ just plain messin' around! always a good thing!  and it provides a rich tapestry of things to pick and choose when you want to build a new house! 

anyway ~ you can see some of that process in the beginning stage, in this post: "come on over to my house."

one of my favorite things in this piece, began with a piece of organza, that is the main body of the house, which was made using a thermofax screen {by margaret applin} and gel medium, and newspaper print!  all i did was lay down the screen, squeegee gel medium through it, lift, and wait for it to dry. then i washed out the excess newspaper print, dry it, press it and badda-boom-badda-bing! a very fun process!

additionally, other happy fabrics were added from my printing frenzy; several of which came from stencils and thermofax screens designed by margaret as well as her stencils {from joggles.com}

again, margi's stencil shape above, which is the orange flower {below}. once it was dried and heat-cured, i stamped on top of it with my black ink pad and a favorite text stamp.  i added a beautiful ribbon, with a glitzy, sparkly edge, too, at the roof's bottom edge.  that same orange color ties in with the flower, and the bird, too.  the roof itself was screened using one of margaret's delightful screens as well, and i just cut it out and stitched it down on top of the organza base. {when you play alot ~ you have alot to work with!} and i do love my playdays!
then... i felt i needed a bird on my house.  i love the sound of chirping birds so early in the mornings now! they are the perfect 'wake-up call!'  and while making my classic round tablerunners, i purposely saved out a bit of this this cool fabric with the neat bird print with heart flowers, just for fusing on future projects:
 and look - there he is! such a pretty bird ~ love him!
and that same lovely print yielded a sweet little detail for my house: heart flowers ~ and a pop of beautiful pinky-red color, too!  just what it needed for some extra 'punch.'
and speaking of flowers... here are some of terri stegmiller-styled flowers, printed on white cotton, from her new line of stencils by stencil girl i was so thrilled to demo!!  they were the perfect accent with the bird and heart-flowers, too.  so into the mix they went, too. cute ~ and such a pretty periwinkle blue color. love it with the pinky-red flowers.
 where's the sun?  oh yes! i used this one printed from the gelli plate, also made by laying one of margaret applin's flower stencils down on the plate, layering fabric on top, and then pull the print!  i cut it out, and there you have it - a fun sun shape.  i deliberately made it rather messy, and the black thread quilting keeps it pretty graphic and fun, too.
 and then time for more free motion quilting details on the cottage:
 i added zig zag stitching, and this is done free motion as well.  i then added stitched details to the flowers, adding stems and leaves... and doodles, inspired from stamps designed by roben-marie.  
and time to add some writing... which of course, you may know that i love to do.  a little bit of sketchy-stitching around the clouds... and it's done.  i love it!
so there's my first little house-quilt!  i hope you enjoyed my tour.  thanks for stopping in!

i hope we all can do just that ~ make time to stop in, visit our friends, and enjoy the sweet hospitality, companionship and  joy of our hearts as we spend a little time with each other... 

and 'sew' much more.

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