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Friday, April 17, 2015

my painted pony collage ~ sunblossom is here!

hello ~

"he's here...  he's here!"

those were  the very words i exclaimed as i ran from the pasture into my parent's house early one morning... after having checked on our paint mare, "spook" who was due to foal any day that spring morning back in 1970.  i was so incredibly excited to find my dream come true ~ that pretty little foal had arrived ... at last!  i'd waited what seemed like forever for a horse of my own!  

so, while back in 1970, that sweet little foal was born a "he" and i named him "echo" ... this little foal has much the same feel for me!  not a "he" but a "she" and her name is sun blossom!  

"she's here... she's here!"

and so i chose a backdrop of a sunrise colored, hand dyed fabric for my sweet baby filly's arrival... 
and some bobbin quilted daisies ... and a bit of silver beads done by machine beading for an extra special glow...
 butterfly kisses on cute little curious soft noses..

and ummm, yes... hot pink "fluorescent" thread in magnifico, as well as razzle dazzle, king tut and masterpiece were all put to fabulous play on this darlin' ~ all by superior threads, {of course!}

and yes... i've spent many hours developing the pattern, too! it will be ready later next week, and i'm offering it at a 20% discount if you pre-order by next friday, april 24th.  {code BLOSSOM20} in my etsy store}
happy dear friday!
i'm so excited!
i pray you enjoy all the blessings of new life, and {more} springtime loves today!  i'm so grateful for mine...
soli deo gloria!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

collaged runner ~ hello beauties

hello beauties!!

no... i haven't stopped making collages.  nor cutting out flower shapes!  as some commercial or something like that once said... "a day without  cuttable, fusible, flowers... is a day without sunshine?!!"  ok.  maybe not.  but it works for me!

just a small table runner that says "hello my spring beauties" and i say that to each of you who read the blog!  

you are beautiful.  

have a blessed day!
soli deo gloria

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

love came down ~

good morning ~

we've been trying to troubleshoot internet issues, but in the meantime, the sewing machine is revving up, and so today i show you a new piece i absolutely adore.

i adore it because it always makes my heart go pitter patter when i read it in the scriptures, and ... write it with needle and thread!

love came down ~ yes it did!
 i love writing {many of you know this}, and so to put it onto a christmas-inspired quilt, is truly pure joy for me!  and so, this idea came to my mind this year... last year i did something similar in a watercolor card. 

a little bit of free motion zig zag applique on the heart's edges, which were also fused with a fusible web.
{pardon the washed out bad light on the pic below} it is really a beautiful hand dyed piece of dark navy background fabric.

and a little sparkle with superior's "glitter" thread.  this is a "flat" thread, and HINT:  to make it work flawlessly, i turn my top tension down to 1.0 and i always use bottom line thread {also by superior threads} which is a 60 weight polyester for the bobbin.  then... a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle, and slow it down a bit, too!  

and i used magnifico 40 wt polyester in the top thread with white masterpiece 50 wt cotton for the writing.  of course, the same 90/14 topstitch needle is a joy to do this with!
and a scrappy little binding to top it off with a bit more color.  this particular quilt... i will leave the letters as they are, but it is a lot of fun to paint them, too!  hopefully, the internet and modem will work long enough to load them up for another post, soon!
Emmanuel ~ God With Us!

each... and every second of every day.
and His blessings on yours!

Friday, November 7, 2014

glacier park forest shadows ~

happy friday!

i'm humbled, and honored {and totally thrilled} to be featured on the superior blog today!  ... perhaps you will take a few minutes to stop by and read my thoughts and inspiration behind "northern night lights," a thread painted art quilt which was created just for superior. {posted here on the blog} 

back in the studio ~ once again, {and always!} i'm working on finishing up some projects that have stacked up, {and boy have they}... just how does that happen so fast?  

i think feather quilting is always gonna grab me by the 'thread strings' as i'm so very taken with all the motifs and styles that feathers are, and can be.  for  for me, practicing them on tablerunner sized pieces is ideal, but more than that, it's just plain fun to play with the style, thread color, and fabric color all together. over the past year, i can see my skills have gradually improved, and hopefully, i'll keep building on them.  

i'm real pleased with the overall look of this forest-inspired beauty, as it reminds me so much of glacier park, deep in the pines:  courtesy of the woodlands gradient by miss vicki welsh.  i always enjoy vicki's blog too, so you'll need to check her out if you haven't already!  she's a wealth of talent, and inspiration, as well as a superb dyer of beautiful fabric!

so ... i've begun the quilting with a basic feather, but quite large in scale to the width of the fabric. these are somewhat difficult for me, but this time it was a little easier:
love the color changes and tones in this fabric gradient.
i love the color story:

 this time, my goal with the spine hyper-quilting was to keep it contained, so to speak, and so i deliberately kept the golden yellow from spiking out into the feathers, so they would remain somewhat puffy.  

no matter which color you like, or which feather style you choose... it's always a great adventure!

thanks again, for stopping by, and i hope you have a wonderful weekend!  i'm excited to be taking off for "timeless quilts sewing center" in missoula montana to teach an all-day art quilt class, where we are going to explore leaves and poppies as artistic, creative theme in art quilting!  so looking forward to it!

soli deo gloria!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

red sunset gradient ~ finished

happy thursday everyone!

as promised from my earlier post {see here} here's the finished piece from vicki's red sunset gradient, and i decided to use three different thread colors, from the "twist" line of 40 wt polyesters from superior threads, leading out of the gate is the "light/medium blue" twist.
and the green twist:
and the fun feather practice in sweet little tight curves and swirls...
and back to the gold/red twist in between:

the finishing "frame" was a very artistic yarn, that perfectly complemented this gorgeous fabric, and the pretty threads. i simply attached it via my bernina #43 foot, which is the free motion couching foot, directly into the seam of the binding.

i have a couple thoughts to share with you about my process here... i'm not sure i'm terribly impressed with choosing all three threads together in this piece...   i think i would have liked it better with just one of the twists, rather than choosing all three. but these three are the ones i had recently purchased, and i was really excited to try them out.

also... this is just a good example of how i practice... with beautiful fabric and beautiful threads.  when i choose things i really love, i'm almost always pretty doggone happy.  now, practicing on something like muslin... wouldn't have helped me to learn the color value quite so well, i don't think, anyway.  

so, i'm thrilled with the overall look, because... well, it's vicki's fabric, and the thread play is pretty. i guess that's just how i "twist n roll."  lol  

what i learned is that the blue and green, in the lighter varieties didn't "pop" like the gold/red because the color value of the two colors within the spool were quite close, and so did not show up against the fabric quite as dramatically.  and although i loved all the contrasts of the thread against the fabric itself, i couldn't visually grasp the "twist" of the green and blue thread.  

what does that really mean?

quick answer: i get to buy more thread!  lol  ... but really, i do need to have not only a better understanding of value, as contrasted within the thread spool, as well as the fabric, but having gone back and looked at superior's variety of twist threads... there were a couple spools in the same color, but in darker contrast and value that would have perhaps made this piece sparkle a little bit more!  not a bad thing... just a learning thing!!

so i will continue to twist and shout... and happily go exploring!  love it!
soli deo gloria!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

autumn, and a gradient with a twist ~

hello ~

our autumn colors are flying away on the warm winds, and cool breezes, as we take in vistas of snowy mountain tops from the flat of the prairies... 

but the inspiration is still so pretty...

and i hunker down in my studio, and pull out fabrics that remind me of those early fall days...

this piece of hand dyed fabric is vicki welsh's "red sunset" and this color combo just has autumn written all over it.  there are so many possibilities, to explore it and take it in many different color directions!  the main challenge is to pick which ones?
and so i have begun with "twist" from superior threads. two colors twisted together.  i have three spools of it; blue, red and green, and although i have tried it before, it's been awhile.  but i do think it's the perfect 'jumping off' spot to take to this gorgeous gradient {and radiant!} piece of fabric!
it is a 40 weight thread, and i'm using the needle that superior says to use, which is on the label of their threads:

the  rusty orange brown thread color, shown above, isn't going to show a lot in certain areas, where the color values are much the same, but i rather like that idea, and so i will continue to develop that color story as i quilt a different feather style.  instead of a mostly even-looking, overall pattern of feathers, i'm playing with a curvy, 'question-mark' type of pattern, which i will reverse across the length of this piece as i decide whether to keep it consistently in this thread color... or add the other twist variations into the cloth.

i may need to shop for some more twists! 
and while this lovely gradient just glows with autumn colors, the two-color twist on this piece definitely adds to it!
come and tag along with me, as i play, will you?  of course, i'll be showing more of my process on this little piece.

blessings on your day!

Friday, October 24, 2014

superior thread with feathers on leather ~

happy friday friends ~

glad to have put a bit of a 24-hour bug behind me, and show a project that's been on hold, but one i am anxious to pick back up and... finish!  

yup.  more feathers.  and they're on leather.  this is "faux leather" and a polyester based fabric.  so that means it is completely washable.

and i'm using magnifico thread by superior threads, and  lots of it, as this is a large piece, about 40-50" inches although i've not measured it... but it is a challenge to put this heavy material, and sandwiched as a quilt, under my machine and quilt these lines smoothly, but that's what a challenge is for!  and i hope to accomplish a beautiful complementary color design.  {that's my hope*}

blessings on your day!
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