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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artsy Summer Flower ~

You may remember my post featuring this quilted flower, (see here), which was screen printed using Margaret Applin's thermofax screens
Once printed, I heat-set it, and then with right sides together, faced it with batting, and another layer of fabric.  I stitched around the perimeter,  in the shape of the flower, (leaving an opening), trimmed my seams and corners, turned it right side out, and pressed it.  I free motion quilted it prior to attaching it to the quilt top. It was quilted with variegated thread, and then black thread, which was King Tut from Superior Threads.
I used a Crafters Workshop Stencil that had 'random-like' words on it, and used a couple different colors of acrylic paints, and added this to the background fabric.  Heat-set to cure.
I added some bobbin quilting, angelina, and other little trimmings of fabric for grass, toward the bottom of this piece, using my wavy rotary cutter.

Free motion quilting... simple, 'free' and a few flowers here and there...
 I wanted to add something to the sides, a bit on the 'wonky' or uneven look... adding color and texture, but not to take away from the main attraction of the screen-printed flower.  I decided to take leftover snow-dyed fabric (from Chris Daly~ love love her snow dyes!), and fold narrow little strips, which were attached with a straight stitch, and the backing was then just folded over and stitched down. It's definitely wonky.  And I like it!
Also, forgot to mention that I added a few more screen prints at the bottom of the background fabric. Love that pattern. 

Just for fun.

Because I can!

EnJOY~Soli Deo Gloria!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

HOLD on to your DREAMS

"Hold on to your dreams, never let go, there's a flame inside you burning with hope..."  I dearly love music and again, and of course the actual song lyrics inspire me, too!
 This is some of my first 'batch' of hand-dyed fabric from last summer. 
 And...  I also used a piece of paper fabric that I wasn't crazy about in it's original "whole cloth" look. (ooops - sorry I forgot to take a picture of it before I cut it!)
So why not... cut it up! So I just cut up that paper fabric free-hand style (no tracing involved - just go with the flow!), using a rotary cutter and cut it into soft, curvy, swervy pieces... 

 White satin cording is couched onto the edges. What an asset to have a Free Hand System to lift the presser foot, and easily turn and go in the opposite direction! Love it!

Multiple free motion quilting motifs in feathers, flowers, and soft, flowing lines in a soft white quilting thread from Superior threads, using King Tut, Masterpiece and Bottom line (in the bobbin). 
 Embellishments of course! 

I used textiva film, silver metallic foiled accents (click here for previous post), and more couching with silver Razzle Dazzle thread along the borders of the satin cord and paper fabric edges.   I love how the paper fabric enhanced the hand-dyed fabric.  
 TIP:  rattail (satin) cord has a tendency to split if you do more than up and down (north to south directional lines) with the free motion couching foot.  So I applied the satin cord using a more traditional method, taking my Bernina #12C (coded foot) to apply this satin cording easily and smoothly!

This piece is for sale in my Etsy shop here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer SHIMMER - completed!

This is what I began with.  My first piece of shibori-styled, hand-dyed fabric, made in the glorious summer-hot days!
 These are the threads I chose to create Summer Shimmer:  YLI threads in three styles: Candlelight, Pearl Crown Rayon, and Designer 6, all wonderful textures of thick threads from YLI.  I also used GLITTER and Rainbows tri-lobal polyester from Superior Threads.
And I also chose a bit of Angelina fibers and Textiva film in golden tones for a reflective feel, which makes me think of the fun of a pool with a bunch of kids laughing, jumping around and splashing! See posts here and  here.

I cut it into long, curvy pieces, and placed them where I wanted them on my quilt top, before I began quilting.  (It's really alot easier that way!)  I added additional angelina fibers, too. 
 The picture above was when I hung the piece in my dining room to evaluate.  Hmmm... I'm likin' it ... still - it needs 'something more.' Back to the machine! Add the GLITTER thread in a darker, turquoise blue.  Binding is already on it, too, at this point.  But I knew that I could still add thread play without any buckling or warping... so I DID.  Can you see the difference in the picture below?  A matter of personal preference... but I did some MORE!
The next picture is without the Glitter thread... 
And then... after adding a bit more of the Glitter thread.

I think I'm on the right track - it fits in with the summertime images I had as my inspiration when I began with the piece.  
Sometimes.. it just takes a few days for me to figure it out... and not being in a hurry is a big advantage.  Getting it "just right" --- like "The Three Bears" children's story with the beds...chairs, and porridge. 
And I think this piece is just right now!
I found that after playing with it on the wall, I really liked the versatility of it hanging either vertically or horizontally.  My favorite is the horizontal, which evokes childhood memories of playing at the pool, laughing, screaming, splashing, taking swimming lessons... the beautiful cool, aqua blue water, and then later in the afternoons... the heat waves from the hot prairie sun as we dried off! The pool was very much a sanctuary for myself, my brothers and sister, and some peace of mind for my Mom.  She saved to buy our family season passes, and made sure we knew how to swim.  As a single mom, at least for those few summer months, she knew we were well occupied, having fun, and safe at the pool.
I think the Glitter added that 'fine bit of detail and movement that really appeals to me, personally.  There is a point in free motion quilting, when you may be a bit disappointed with your threadplay, and think it's not going as well as you'd hoped.   That is exactly where you should be, as you progress in getting to know more in the quilting process.  You will find with your stitching, when more is needed, and when it's time to stop! It's really a matter of the time spent free motion quilting, I think.  I'm figuring it out more as I quilt... more!  As I continue to learn, I've also realized how much there is to just loving the learning process, itself.  It's not just about the finished quilt piece. It's really part of a larger journey.
Let me be transparent with you all here, regarding the photo above, with the yellow and blue curly-q's.  I'm not sure I'm crazy about the blue ones... perhaps I went too far. Or perhaps I could have chosen a different motif... I don't regret it, it's just part of the fun of exploring, trying new things... and stretching yourself beyond what is comfortable!  Be adventurous... be something of a risk-taker! I'm glad I did, as I've discovered more about what I like.
But I sure do really dig the overall look, and feel, and the happy SUMMER memories this evokes for me.  It gives me great joy!
 I dig the binding, too.  It is a commercial batik... and I think it most excellently ties in with the feel of the quilt---it's colors, it's movement, enhancing the overall quilting style, yet defines the space and shows off the lovely curving edges that emulate that pool-like quality I was going for.  It's a darker color value in the same color family, and finishes nicely (in my opinion!). Most importantly - it makes me happy when I look at it. 

Begin! Choose something you love, whether it's the fabrics, a pattern, threads, quilting, motifs, or all! Be inspired. Love what you do. In teaching, I encourage students to do just that.  Just begin!

So this is how it is hanging right now.  I will make hanging sleeves for this piece so it can either way. 
Which way do you like it best?  Hanging vertically or horizontally?
Note: picture above was taken before I added the additional Glitter thread.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Angelina Fibers

Ahhh... Angelina - fibers, that is.  Forget Angelina Jolie... these fibers are the real stars!    
Translucent, iridescent and beautiful combinations are yours for the making!

Just a quick 5 seconds or so with an iron!  Heat those fibers longer, and they will change to a darker color... which you may be after?!
PRESTO!  They bond to themselves, and you can peel them right off of the teflon sheet (or parchment paper or tissue paper).

and... instant gratification, I might add!
The sky's the limit... so 'get you some'!  (borrowed from Toby Keith song!) 

Tomorrow I'm finally ready to reveal my completed "Summer Shimmer" quilt that showcases Angelina fibers, Textiva film and bobbin play with free motion quilting.
In Great Falls, you can easily purchase Angelina fibers and Textiva sheets at our  Bernina Silver Thimble.   Get more ideas and lots of cool inspiration in this book; still in print, I believe! I'm pretty sure there is an update too... I think I remember seeing a newer book called "Between The Sheets With Angelina" --- can't say it's not a clever title, but I will say... NO MORE! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Textiva Film

I love playing with TEXTIVA film!  It's so pretty... and shiny ... did I mention that it is so ... shiny and pretty?!!

And so many beautiful colors. Ethreal looking, sheer and semi-transparent...

and fusible... but only to itself, or to it's sister product - Angelina fibers.  You can scrunch it, like the wrinkled piece above, on top of the new package. Lovely texture! I do love to play with this stuff!  Here are the directions straight from the package:
It's best to have a teflon sheet... or a piece of parchment paper, to fuse the fibers or textiva on.

Textiva is also fun to cut up!  And it is what I began some of the embellishment on my quilt "Summer Shimmer."

I hope you will try it!

I've cut it into simple, randomly cut strips, using the rotary cutter.
I've just chopped it up, randomly.  But you could certainly make obvious, deliberate shapes of your own choosing.

Make up your own recipe!  Here I mixed three different colors of angelina fibers, and sprinkled the cut-up textiva pieces on top.  Next, I laid over the corner of the teflon sheet, and pressed... for about FIVE SECONDS!  It's that fast!  Leave your iron on it longer, and it will discolor... which may be a good or a bad thing, depending on your ideas... personal style, and intended use.
It is finished!  Ready to embellish.  Now you can just place it on your fabric, paper, or clothing item.  I stitch right over it.  I can also tear it, precision cut it into specific shapes... or not!  Tomorrow's post will show more about ANGELINA FIBERS.  EnJOY!
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