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Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Transfer Experiment

Just black threads outlining the petals of the hollyhock flower
The product is "Transfer-Eze" and I loaded this special water-soluble paper in my printer, using this picture of a hollyhock bloom:
This product has a sticky paper backing, easy to pull away after printing, and place on fabric - this was a hand-dyed piece I made. 

Hint:  take a plain piece of paper, mark an "x" and/or write "this side up" on one side of the paper, and run it through your printer to verify which side is up!  That will help you to avoid a mistake of printing on the wrong side of the transfer-eze product. 
A few more threads in pink, purple...white...

I realized I need to stop with more thread play (above), as it was going to start 'warping' the fabric if I continued to add more thread.  Remember... it's GOOD to add stabilizer ---- first --- rather than later! Below is where the transfer paper
has been washed away. And... I did add just a tad more  thread stitching in the center (and still  haven't had to stabilize it) but you can see where it's starting to wrinkle on the outside edges...
This is where it stands right now.  I should have had the original picture in front of me, looking back on it... It's just 'ok' ... so where it will go from here remains to be seen! I think I'm gonna be a momma hen and sit on it for awhile!   Any ideas or suggestions?  I'd LOVE to hear them!!! 
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