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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Design Layers with Text

My good friend Elle asked this question about yesterday's post regarding some paper fabric I had made into bookmarks.  Elle commented:  "But I don't know how you get your lettering on. The 4th and 5th photos in particular show writing on top of the background. Do you scan/print, screen print or stamp? This inquiring mind needs to know!"
Here's my answerr:  Yes, Yes, and Yes! At times, I will type up a quote I like in a word processing program on the computer, and just print it out.  I cut it up, tear it or whatever, and place it within the layers of the paper fabric, usually the last layer of the top, before the last piece of tissue paper (I use craft tissue paper), is laid on top.  You can see that in the wrinkles from the glue and tissue paper, if you look close at the pictures.  That's the lettering you see in photo #5 of the previous post.  The text shows through because it's bold, and the tissue kind of turns clear with the additional glue-water mixture on the top.  At times it will be obscured depending on whether or not I add paint, thread, or other embellishments like ribbon, fabric and more.  Other writing, or text, are stickers I've also embedded into the top layer before the final top tissue layer, but they can also be added on the VERY top, after the paper quilt has dried.  I save older text of devotions, mail, greeting cards, thank you notes, letters... all kinds!  The paper ephemera includes so much, it's really impossible to list it all.  That list includes, for me, saved in one big tupperware box of candy wrappers/foil papers, paper napkins, graphics from junk mail, catalogs, wrapping paper, and tea bags!  (Are you exhausted just reading that list?!)  I am!  If it appeals to you, save it!   The challenge is more in knowing... when... to ... stop!

 This picture above shows some stamping... but I also will draw on top with a Sharpie pen, in black... or white!  I like to do... whatever comes to mind.
 A sticker "take life by the hand and dance!" is employed in this paper fabric, quilted, item.  Quilted with Superior Threads, Rainbows, my favorite tri-lobal polyester 40 wt thread.

Free Motion couching with my #43 Bernina Free Motion couching foot.  So FUN.
  Another one below, in the works.  Stamped, with writing by hand using a black sharpie pen, and a bit of paint.
 The picture below depicts the two bookmarks as they appeared before quilting.  I used stamping in black, hand-writing in both black and a white sharpie marker, printed text, and my own, free-hand, simple doodles.
 It's much easier to quilt them, or embellish, with two or more connected.  A bit more efficient, and easier to handle than one long, single, skinny piece.
 Just a simple grid line in free motion quilting across the organza fabric.  You can see a bit of the candy foil (in silver) on the top right corner of this picture.
 I love how these green rose flowers come to life with the trilobal, variegated thread.
 It's all about layers.  The piece above has light stamping in blue (towards the right side of the pic).  I used a clear stamp.
You can see the black curley-q in the bottom left... the white curley-q in top center, with black marks underneath that are being covered, but remain visible under the organza.

Hope that helped Elle.  Please ask any other questions, and if anyone would like to see an earlier post on this paper-fabric making, see my tutorial  here. 



Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Grow. In every single moment... there is significance.
I started with a hand-stamped "g" and stitched around it, free motion with white thread.  Then turned it to the back, and did the bobbin play around the same path.
The bobbin quilted flowers were placed randomly. And I then switched to a polyester tri-lobal, and went around them again, adding details, or more build-up of thread around the petals as I liked.

 It's a small paper-fabric art quilt.   6" x 8"
 I added some black thread in King Tut, for the letters 'row' and some more quilted flower motifs in a smaller size.
 A little bit of this... and little bit of that.  Leftover candy wrapper... paint on a leftover paper towel... tissue paper, and a couple of stickers.
  All you have to do is add the fun... and then ...

'till the Mascara 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Inspiration from the song "Sanctuary" and lyrics "Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary... strong and holy... tried and true.  With thanksgiving, I'll be a living sanctuary for you."

Paper fabric... the more I do, the more I want to do - to explore the possibilities... more to be thought about,  more to be interpreted and more to be created.

In the Bible, Genesis, tells us we were created in the image of God... and create He did, and so do we.

Inherent in all of us... is the desire to create.

A beaded piece I had made and put on a sweatshirt.  I ditched the old sweatshirt... but I cut out the beaded and glittered fabric I had embellished the sweatshirt with... 'upcycled' -- perhaps, as they are wont to say these days.  It's really just re-cycled in my opinion.  Regardless... it found it's way here.  
The message: GIVE HOPE to everyone.

Purple Hearts cut from devotionals I had printed out... is it recycled or upcycled?  I get so confused...  May we all have loyalty and strength to follow through with integrity, and to keep our word.

And threads... as they are 'cycled' through my fingers, from my head... to my sewing machine, and onto the quilt... and hopefully beyond, to someone else.

Tea in a cup!  I pray I will have something warm and refreshing for someone who needs it at the time they really need it...


Sunshine and Light.   

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dancing... with JACK

BABY... it's cold out there!  Frosty, take-your-breath-away COLD! 

Pastels aren't something I usually gravitate towards... but I wanted to challenge myself to try something in a new colorway.  I began with a very soft print  of tissue paper as the inspiration for this piece, layered it onto the muslin base... and painted ever so scantily with pearly-shimmery paint, and a dab of glitter here... and there.  Ribbon leftovers, a single flower 'experiment' and then some dangling beads, and it became...
"Dancing With Jack."

Working the tissue paper a bit too much in one area with acrylic paint made a bit of the tissue wear away... but look at the happy inspiration that resulted!  I love how it peeled back, and allows the tissue pattern to peek through, just about the time spring is starting to peek through a bit too!  Just a  hint of the mystery behind the frosty curtain!  Perfect place to put the flower, too.  Love how that works out! 

Frolic in the frosty morning... along the river... dance  through the trees...  don't forget your glass slippers.... your imagination...and a touch of... romance...

Join me as I demonstrate this technique, and help you make your own FABRIC PAPER!  Fabric Paper class is being held at the Quilt-A-Way on March 1st or March 5th.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



This is the first quilt in a series I am planning... dedicating an art quilt to each of several Sisters and Friends.

REJOICE!  That's what I feel everytime I see this lovely young lady, RACHEL. I rejoice! So this art quilt is dedicated to her!  (And it is her birthday gift too!)  This young lady was part of a girls basketball team that won their school's first-ever Class C basketball championship several years ago - their highschool has only 32 kids in it!  She now plays college basketball at MSU-Bozeman, MT.  (GO BOBCATS!) Charming, warm-hearted, strong, faithful, and FULL of  vibrancy our Rachel is... beautiful, athletic, and a good friend to others;  she's a hard worker,  (see how she can help her Uncle John vaccinate cows!)  

That vaccinating gun is "hot!"
Charming, and warm-hearted!  I am so fortunate to know her, and we and the rest of the girls have an awesome blessing of spending time together at Flathead Lake whenever we can. Moms and girls... we've had the huge blessing to share some absolutely fabulous memories together! I love you Rach! 

It's a fairly small quilt; approximately 8x10" is painted on a muslin base using tissue paper, and acrylic paints.

Free motion couching adds dimension and texture in a very free-wheeling way!  Lovely fabric flowers are fused on.  Heavy bobbin play in pink for added visual interest.  By now you know there is lots on this blog about Bobbin Play, couching, metallic threads! 

I loved this sweet little birdie posed on a "wire" or branch of decorative stitches! This quilt is finished with a very "free" bound edge... the fabric is simply folded over, and stitched somewhat randomly!  FUN FUN FUN!
Detail of Bird and Decorative stitches in "RACHEL"
I really had to challenge myself to get out of that 'perfect box' --- it truly is entrapment!   So I let my stitches BE imperfect, meandering, and decided I could just do a decorative stitch and STOP in the middle of the line if I felt like it!

OH... AH... how I really ENJOYED doing it!  Couching... bobbin play... no 'perfect' plan... just being... FREE!  Much like Rachel!

I love her freckles and pearls... right at home on the ranch!

Detail of Free Motion Couching onto the Fabric Flowers --- HOW FUN IS THAT!

Thank you Lord, for Rachel!  Bless her as she continues to grow, learn and be your LIGHT! Amen!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"JOY" Art Quilt

During the Christmas season we celebrate the grand night God came down to earth as baby. And perhaps to the rest of the universe the event looked merely like an astounding humiliation...

God, the Creator of all, became man, taking the form of a human body; a somewhat ordinary and perhaps unimpressive thing to some of us. He endured life as we do; he knows our sorrows, our temptations, how broken we really are... He came to us both as God and as a man.. enduring a confining life, and more importantly, as the ultimate sacrifice for us, dying a grisly death on the Cross.  The Apostle Paul points to this death to show that God can take even the darkest moment in history and turn it into JOY.The cross, and Jesus' triumph over death, prove that nothing is powerful enough to stamp out a reason for joy. "JOY in the LORD" as Paul says. 
And so, "Joy Comes in the Morning" is the inspiration of this  art quilt. 
Razzle Dazzle in gold, on top of the painted and stamped tissue paper surface
Heavy bobbin play really lends itself to this detail of "pebble stitching" giving it much presence and... impact!

 Psalm 30:5 "... weeping may endure for a night, but Joy Comes in The Morning."

SAVE... and savor the flavor of those beautifully tinny foils leftover from candies... they are part of the fun and joy of this little art quilt, and notice them peeking out from under the fabric paper?!  I LOVE it!

My husband really thought I had lost all my marbles when I scolded him (well not really) when he wadded up the foil wrappers from the chocolate candies as he ate them... I saw all these tiny balls of foil rolling around on the coffee table, and brought them to his attention, saying: "No, No! My love, you MUST flatten them!"  Now I have to just find a place to STORE them!!!
Little Quilt... BIG joy!
This technique is part of a book "Mixed Media Explorations" from Beryl Taylor, also available from Quilting Arts.... and yes, I have found joy also in making "Fabric Paper Quilts." Can't wait to make more!  Save those gum wrappers, letters, tissue papers...what a great jumping off point in this new year for more embellishment fun and joy...
May your faith increase as you look to a new year...  knowing your JOY will come in the morning! 
Happy New Year!
May you know and live in all of God's blessings today, tomorrow and forever.


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