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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trapunto {trah-poon-toe}

If you haven't seen "Red Autumn" - I posted it yesterday, or click here.  There's a lot of pictures, in hopes it will show up well for ya'lll out there!  (That's for you Linda Sue!)

Begin by layering a piece of batting onto the back, underneath the leaf.
 Stitch around the perimeter, from the front side of the fabric.  In this case, I used my Bernina #39 foot, and couched a thick thread (Razzle Dazzle) around the edge of the leaf using a narrow zig zag stitch.  Be patient... take your time around all those little angles. Afterwards, carefully trim away the excess from the stitching line.  I like to use my applique cutting scissors for this part.
 When couching, be sure to leave tails and then you can attach a tapestry needle to pull them through to the back of the quilt top.
 Here's a refresher picture of the #39, in which I'm just a the point of finishing up my stitching around the leaf stem, and will sew over the previous line of thread, just as an extra securing measure, before I pull the tails to the backside.
 These are the two Razzle threads I used on the three leaves for "Red Autumn." 

 It's not noticeable that there is a layer of batting underneath that leaf, is there?  Time to layer things up.  Take another piece of batting, add your backing fabric, to make your 'normal' quilt sandwich.  Begin to quilt around the leaf.  And magically (well almost), the leaf will begin to poof up.

I think it's important to note that it's helpful to apply a dense quilting design to help the leaf to pop up.

 Ah... my favorite Superior tri-lobal polyester. I used this variegated purple for the green leaf block. 
 And I switched to the green tri-lobal poly Rainbows for the other two blocks on each side of the green leaf. It does help to have alot to pick from!  But it's also worthwhile to have that awesome selection of threads to experiment and ask... "What If?"

And when you get into a tight space like below, just 'echo quilt' your way out of it!  No need to try and make tiny circles/swirls... unless you want to, that is!
A bit of fraying sometimes happens with tri-lobal polys... and I had to rip just a bit; but will trim that frayed thread.
I quilted the vein lines on the leaves.  Not all.  Just some, so the leaves wouldn't be punched down.  It creates dimension, shadow, and of course, another opportunity for a bit more depth of color!  This one has pinks, turquoise-green, and a blue-purple cast that goes well with the existing tones of the batik fabrics, yet has that 'take a closer look' feel.  
 While the Glitter thread wasn't alot of fun to quilt with in this particular feature, I gotta say -- I was asking alot of it, going through the paintstik'd layer of the leaf, fusible web, two layers of batting, plus two layers of fabric... and it was worth it, even tho it broke several times.  But tenacity pays off.  It wasn't always 'pretty' - but it got the job done.  And you may have noticed that the small leaves don't have the trapunto effect.  I wanted it that way. I wanted a deliberate change of landscape, so to speak.  And I think it would have been too predictable to have trapuntoed all the leaves in the piece.  Now each one has it's own 'place in the sun' on the quilt top, and shines just the way I hoped it would when I asked myself "What If."
Green thread on the left; purple thread on the right!  I love the contrast, and yet the compatibility!
I often remind myself that it's fun to take chances.  To go where no man has gone before... Oh, wait, that's a flash back to Star Trek and Captain Kirk!  Truly though,  remind yourself to approach with an explorative mind; not to fuss if things aren't (perfect!), or as smooth and trouble-free as you hope.  And remind yourself it is... 
The Pursuit of Excellence!

As my friend Elle, says, ask "What If!?" 

Have you asked yourself "What If?" today?  Pursue! Go see where the next star galaxy --- err, I mean, your next quilting session takes you! And Excel and Delight in your discoveries.

EnJoy your day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Autumn ~ Finished

Changing winds... changing threads!  This is how Red Autumn finished out:
 The re-hashing thread choices also inspired me to add trapunto to each leaf. Once that decision was made, I was ready to start.  I first started by 'edging' each leaf with a couching technique, using the #39 foot.  Then each leaf was quilted in the vein lines once the entire quilt sandwich was put together.  I like the dimension the leaves have.
 I left the tan border deliberately unquilted.  I like the puffy look, which seems to fit with the trapunto on the leaves, and it gives the eye a place to rest, visually. Each seam however, was couched with a Razzle Dazzle thread in the purple tone with a hint of green in it.   I also added a hand-dyed yarn to the binding seam, which has tones of pink, purple, and a tad bit of turquoise to give the overall fall theme I was looking for.
 I switched background thread colors between blocks.  I had a purple tri-lobal polyester in the dense swirl quilting on the center block that punches the fabric down, and the leaves pop up and stand out, like the way I wanted. And the purple enhances the leaves on either side of the green leaf.
 The other two blocks on the left and right had a tri-lobal variegated green polyester, which also helps add interest, and ties in with the green paintstik colors on the center leaf.  I think it's important to realize there is no rule, here!  You can switch things out as you please... no need to stick to one thread throughout the entire quilting process!  Andnotice the border quilting is soft, and not too detailed, as the fabric has most of the visual 'come hither' look, so the threadplay is just there as an added color to tie in with the purple-red-blue of the piece.
 The small leaves have red Glitter thread quilted through all layers... it was not that much fun, truthfully!  I kept at it, being tenacious.  So I'm content with the added glittery accent.  Glitter does NOT like hanging tough, going through the Steam-a-Seam fusible I used on the leaves. Next time I will try a different brand like Wonder Under, or Misty Fuse, and see if I can't up the 'fun factor' for quilting these.
 I really love the heavy thread outlining each leaf.   It added just the hint of glow and glitz I really was hoping to achieve in the overall piece.  Harmony, color, depth and lots of visual texture.  Love that handy-dandy Bernina #39 foot for this technique. 
Close-up of Gliter thread on the smaller leave
So what do you think of the trapunto effect?  Do you like to mix things up with thread choices?  Do you think it's worth the extra time and effort to do so?

Future post coming showing the details for trapunto, and some of the steps I went through in creating this piece. 

EnJOY your week!
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