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Saturday, September 10, 2011

In The LimeLight Scarf

Have you put your hand on the new VOILE fabrics, yet? 
Well, I hope you have, or will, soon. They are absolutely beautiful, and lovely to the touch, too.
I made a scarf this afternoon from this gorgeous Amy Butler voile fabric I bought while I was in Missoula for work last week.
 It came from SELVEDGE STUDIO; a sweet little Mom and Daughter store in Missoula.  They have some very cool fabrics.  Their focus is on fashion sewing but also quilting, too.  Lots of wide widths.  Unusual and high-quality linens. The most luxurious silk velvets.  And Voiles! Cool trims. They offer classes, and have an open-sew night every Thursday in their store.  I sure enjoyed looking through all their fabrics and even  ordered a  Kwik Sew Pattern for a lovely tunic top.  (Oh, yeah... I bought some rayon too!)  It was a pleasant way to spend a bit of the evening!  Hey, if you can't sew on fabric, buy some!
 I just adore the hand of this fabric.  Smooth-as-silk with a surprisingly satiny touch.  This is a print from the Amy Butler collection, new out this fall (in voile), I believe.
 I cut four, four-inch lengths, seaming two lengths together, and then right-sides-together, turn and press. It finished to 3.5" in width, and just over 101" in length, with nice, tapered points.  With a length that, one should be able to wear it in a gazillion, fun and fashionable ways!  And, it's for sale in my etsy shop.
I didn't add any extra trim or embellishment.  I thought I'd let the beautiful fabric say it all.  A practical, wear-with-all, lightweight accessory.  Elegant & fun.

Have you seen the voile fabrics in your quilt stores?  Have you made anything with them? 

EnJOY your weekend!
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