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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sketchbook ~ Wheat

Harvest has wrapped up mostly here in Montana.  I love the wheat fields - they are so awesome.  

So here is another sketch ~ and some play action not only with the Peerless Watercolors, but with some of my Gelly metallic pens.  I of course, love the bright colors, but I added a touch of red to the wheat stalks, and I really like how they add that bit of mystery and drama, which reminded me of the photos I took like the one above, which I posted about the Highwood Bench - wheat country in late July. 

I also added a bit of Twinkling H2O's to the background for a bit of sparkle. {and because it's super fun!}
And you won't be one bit surprised to see that I've added the infamous 'white dots' to the bottom of the page with my "Wite-Out" pen.  What can I say?  I love playing with it. Heck, I just love playing with art supplies!!  {Who knew?!}

EnJOY.  Be Thankful.  
And pray for rain!  We need it badly. Note: Joining a beautiful group of artists and encouragers on STUDIO JRU Friday!  Check it out... you will be blessed!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gift of Finest Wheat ~ Highwood Country

Last Wednesday evening we went out to Highwood, to our friend's, the Pasha's, for bible study,and a wonderful dinner and evening together. 

Thanks everyone for the fun comments on "Giggle!"  I loved it!  *Due to my cataract surgery (which went well--will do surgery on my left eye this Thurs), I am not able to read {or type} lol very well upclose {yet!}, and especially on the compter, but here is a post prepared earlier.. I hope you ... EnJOY!  
On the way back we enjoyed the glorious, flowing wheat fields, set against that backdrop of Big Sky and the Highwood Mountains.  It's about an hour's drive due to gravel roads, but is only about 38 miles from Great Falls.  Highwood is where we attend church services, which is 27 miles from Great Falls.  It's also a place we would love to live in... someday. {God willing}
All of my photos were taken on our way home, about 9:00 pm.  
The wheat crop looks sooo good out here; and the green spring wheat is thick, too.   And the clouds put on a show for us that evening, too.   AMAZING.

Dramatic skies... and with a dry lightning storm moving in, although it did seem to have a little bit of rain in the clouds, it was mostly of the dangerous type.

I love the old signs... the textures, the bullet holes... the rust and well, the age.  "Shonkin" is what this sign used to read, and it is the general term that describes the area above Highwood, MT, where the Pasha's farm.
We were maybe about 10 miles from Great Falls when we stopped along the highway so I could take this shot {below}.  To the left of the big clouds and radiating from the ground, is a small, smokey cloud where lightning struck and started a fire; likely we think it was a wheat field as the smoke was very dark and black.

We pray for a safe harvest for everyone, and for protection for all who work to bring the fruit of their labors, home for the rest of us to enjoy.  Thank you Lord, for the Gift of Finest Wheat, and for the One who Satisfies the Hungry Heart.  In your  Son's precious name, Amen.
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